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Documentation is our top priority on Cosmic Rage and that is why we provide one file, if not more, per activity we make.
We aim to make our systems as easy-to-understand as possible and help files are the first line of defense for facilitating user understanding.
For each one of our activities we provide a history at the top of the file, really giving you that immersive edge!

Activity details

See a list below of the activities we offer on Cosmic Rage, including their level.
Use the level as a guide to when you can expect to be able to do the activity.
Activity: Level:
Hand Mining1
Hunting 1
Ore extraction 1
Trash collecting 5
Volcano harvesting 15
Rescuing 17
Fishing 20
Dredging 25
Rock Analyzation 30
Pollution collection 35
Water content Analyzation 35
Spacewalking 40
Space dust Analyzation 40
Orbit harvesting 43
Mechanical mining 45
Salvaging 50
Gem Retrieval 55
Building material transportation 65
Passenger transportation 70
Planetary Deliveries 85
Asteroid hauling 90
Meteor chasing 110
Asteroid harvesting 120
Planetoid Grabbing 150
Farming 150
Archaeology 150
Planetoid harvesting 180
Smuggling 180
Trash cleansing 200
Gas retrieval 220
Planetoid exploration 240
Organic research 260
Nebula harvesting 300
Component hunting 325
Celestial splitting 350
City researching 350
Planet chunks 400
Corpse collection 400
Comet water 450
Ship crushing 500
Volcano mining 500
Comet acid 500
Comet dust 550
Star studies 600
Wormhole jumping 750
Starship wrecking 750
Moon minerals 850
Moon hauling 850
Moon splitting 900
Dark matter mining 900
Black dwarf harvesting 1000
Warp fuel drilling 1100
Star coring 1100
Junior colonisation master training 1400
Starship rescuing 1400
Tar rescuing 1500
Moon base building 1800

Reality Relaxers.

Reality is a hard place.
All work no play makes a very bad day but sometimes, you just don't have the energy to roleplay or concentrate on combat, or engage for an activity.
sometimes, you just want to relax.
cosmic Rage understands this, and we have introduced some reality relaxers for your needs:

Kill them!

In a destructive mood?
Why not try out one of our 40+ missions!
Ranging from space, to ground, to air, or somewhere in between, these missions are the perfect way to blow off some steam!


Cosmic Rage has an absolutely huge array of crafting possibilities for you to spend time on.
We delight in giving you the perfect experience and crafting is a fantastic facination for many of our users.
From the weird and the wacky, to the logicaly and the lame we want it all.
Here are just a few possibilities of crafting we offer.
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