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Item:Person:Person's amount:
air enemies destroyedSDL Fleet captain Stormy White scale1,850
air podsAstrid Pearl black designation1,514
artifacts researchedKevin Sisco149645395
assistsSDL Fleet captain Stormy White scale250
asteroids hauledKevin Sisco149645136
building deliveries madeHugo Black scale2,269
cashMichael Lawson5,559,266,003,190,659,072.00
contlats transferredPerry Stones1,882,100
cores splitAdrian Green scale2,475
crystals harvestedRicky Shimmering blue designation28,830
dark matter mineda male calyara named Joey197,910.00
data chips collectedNiakeasoe Twilight blue scale2,981
deathsSDL Fleet captain Stormy White scale350
debris salvagedSDL Second Lieutenant Luke Mcallister19,171,142.00
dredged materialsMuhammad Gagah6,318
dust researchedGladr Gold scale96
Failed communication devices deployedSyuri Dark green scale2
Fires extinguishedKevin Herbert22,085
fish caughta female calyara named Ayesha190
Flies killedBradynious Aquamarine scale546
gas harvestedOlmer Kovach223,774,284.00
gems retrievedTiana Karansakis73
ground killsMI Colonel Ulysses Battleship gray designation97,800
hand miningFrederick Barnes1314395,552
has gifted the most newbiedudesAmara Navy blue designation4,104
Has run the most missions with other peopleSDL Corporal Rafly White designation368
Has run the most solo missionsOctavia Rose designation747
hologram fights wonMI Private Sandy Maulana33
huntingPheerblue Baby blue scale382
minerals dug from dig sitesFrederick Barnes13143937,106
minerals harvestedFrederick Barnes13143966,506,617.00
moon chunks collectedSDL Second Lieutenant Luke Mcallister808,790.00
moons destroyedFrederick Barnes1314393,049
moons hauledRudi Fern62
most orbit junk collectedJustin Miller5,040,230
most trash cleansedGunner Vallan2,277,177
Number of tracebacks that a player can spend in the shopFrederick Barnes131439926
ores harvestedJones Alloy orange scale1,507
organic materials researchedJohn Krell13,442
passengers transportedDakero Vihani537
people rescuedAlec Starlight5.00
planetoid chunks gathereda humanoid female named Orran1,274,716.00
planetoid chunks losta humanoid female named Orran2,111,886.00
pollution collectedMark Mckay730.00
Radiation captured through radiation retrievalSDL Corporal Rafly White designation2,562
RankQckraiddle Crimson designation4,967
reportsFrederick Barnes1314391,242
rocks researchedMuhammad Gagah8,660
RP pointsKirin Waters99,090
ship killsFrederick Barnes131439224,542
ship wreck locker's hackedNiakeasoe Twilight blue scale601
Star beam frequencies matchedLanira Burnt sienna designation1,601
Star beams analysedRicky Shimmering blue designation4,000
star energy harvestedPheerblue Baby blue scale2,585,750
Star rescuing pods rescuedRagus Black scale64
Stranded starships rescuedRicky Shimmering blue designation2
Successful communication devices deployedSyuri Dark green scale281
suggestionsAnnellin Starlight608
Total clay harvestedCalleb Hope42,980
trash collecting items cleanedRuby Diamond19,363
trash collecting quests performedSDL Second Lieutenant Luke Mcallister27
volcanoes harvestedCindy Romero40,750
water data transferredFrederick Barnes131439320
wormholes jumpedFrederick Barnes1314392,230

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