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We value your story.

Every time you roleplay on Cosmic Rage, we give you a reward based on your emote, who you're with, where you are and any many other factors.
This is so that those who enjoy telling a story don't have to worry about point progression and instead can focus on fleshing out their character and influencing the worlds around them.
As part of this we have a roleplay leaderboard.
We're proud of our players, and we want them to brag!
The roleplay leaderboard gets refreshed each week and you can find below those who are currently at the top!

the board!

The Current top-ten RP Leaderboard:

In first place, Valla Sanderson.
In second place, Sabrina Stewart.
In third place, Marie Gold designation.
In fourth place, Kirin Waters.
In fifth place, a male german Shepherd named Joey.
In sixth place, Matthew Gold designation.
In seventh place, Lora Jensen.
In eighth place, Safira Maulana.
In ninth place, a humanoid female named Zara.
In tenth place, Marika Trevisani.