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Swimming has always been, and will most likely remain to be, a favorite pasttime of dragons, ryuchi and humans. Naturally, the larkan race hate it. Sometimes people like to swim out in the open oceans, or in lakes. Unfortunately, however, people are not all strong swimmers, and some people get taken by the current, or even by the tide. This is why we ask you, with a licence, to go out and rescue these poor souls.

You will need:

A boat with The rescue upgrade. Said upgrade is available on harmonia.

What to do:

1. Take your boat to a mooring and unmoor it.
2. Scan for a lifeform.
3. Go to the coordinates of the lifeform and rescue it.
4. Return to the mooring and request for medical assistance.

List of Commands:

Please see HELP BOATING COMMANDS for a full list of boat commands.
scan: scan for a lifeform.
rescue: rescue the lifeform
rma: While moored, will request medical assistance.
*** WARNING ***
After you have rescued the person, you only have 60 seconds to get the boat to the mooring and type RMA before they die and you get fined 15,000 credits.


Rank: 17
Skills: Rescue
Race advantages: Dragon have this skill naturally, due to them being natural healers. Larkan hating water have a -1 in this skill.
Recommended help files: Help boat command.
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