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activity help: Spacewalking


From the first trip out in to space, one thing of interest to all races is the stories it tells. From lost civilizations to those far beyond our understanding, the void holds those secrets and thousands more besides.
For this reason, perhaps, space walking has been a favorite past time of all pilots at one stage or another. Partly due to its simplicity, but more because it's a handy activity to do when you're a bit low on cash, something we've all experienced.
It's hard to say who was the first person to bring back an artifact from space, but many credit the "Sunrise expedition" which launched in 2029 on behalf of the British Museum and brought back 3 artifacts we now know to be parts of an early droidic craft.

You will need:

1. A spacesuit loaded with oxygen. Note, if you do not have oxygen in your spacesuit, you will die immediately.
2. A starship.

What to do:

1. Put on your spacesuit.
2. Go out into space.
3. Scan for artifacts.
4. Go get the artifact.
5. Go dump the artifacts in a research store.
6. Claim your money reward!

List of Commands:

refill : use this on any landing pad to refill your spacesuit with oxygen. You can see how much oxygen your spacesuit has by looking at it.
fill : Use this in the cargo bay of a ship that has oxygen in one of its holds. You can see how much oxygen your spacesuit has by looking at it.
scan : Check for a nearby artifact.
grab : Get an artifact.
ship : Find out where your ship is.
: fly your spacesuit in a given direction.
coords : Check your current coordinates.
dump: When in an artifact research center, this will dump your artifacts into the nearest machine.
arti : check how many artifacts are in your spacesuit.


Rank: any, though 40 and above is recommended.
Skills: none
Race advantages: none
Recommended help files: shelp airlock.
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