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activity help: Hunting


Hunting has been one of those activities that has been both celebrated, and banned, in many places, for many years.
Through the ages, especially in human tradition, it changed from the worst, to the best thing to do so many times, people lost count.
On the other hand, the dragon race, and by extension, the Ryuchi, along with the mutariansi have always embraced hunting, dragon's calling it a sport, Mutariansi, a write of passage.
In modern day society, the feelings on hunting are still largely mixed amongst the humanoid species of the alliance, leading to it being allowed only in designated areas.

Why do I have to hunt, I want to be a pilot!

Hunting, like the other low rank activities, is you proving to your planets government that, should the worst happen and you are marooned on a planet, you should be able to survive.
to that end, a lot of it is done completely from scratch.
There are four skill levels to hunting:
fox hunting,
Incora hunting,
sheep hunting,
and deer hunting.

First, what you will need:

Scattered around on various planets are hunting stores, with hunting NPC's in.
Some are friendlier than others, with the one on Goscro Krah giving the most information.
Head to a hunting store and buy the following:
a knife,
a meat cooler,
a shovel,
an axe,
a quiver.

What to do first:

First, you may want to simply earn some credits and points.
Head over to a hunting area, found on your info computer.

To catch a fox you must:

1. Explore the area until you see fox holes.
2. Make a racket, causing the fox to try to run.
3. Pounce on it.
Your character will either successfully relieve the fox of life, or you will miss.
Should you kill the fox, you can wrap it up in your meat cooler for storage, and sell him to a hunter.
Fox hunting is done from skill level 1 to level 2, you could arguably do it right up until level 5, but it would take a lot longer than trying out the other forms of hunting, below:


Incora are a race of flightless birds, who were thought to be made extinct by primitive man.
they were later discovered on other planets, and have since been reintroduced to Earth as part of the getting back earth project.
For hunting Incora, you will need a spear.
they are the only animals who are not fast enough to avoid the spear.
What to do:
1. Find an Incora.
2. Move one room away from it.
3. throw your spear at it,
Job done!


These are not normal sheep, these are horned sheep.
If you are a dragon:
1. Launch by typing launch.
2. Fly around until you find a sheep.
3. Move in a direction that does not fly you over a tree, for example, if there is a tree to the north, fly east.
4. Dive back the way you came.
Note: If you are hungry, you may not be able to resist eating the sheep!
If you are not a dragon:
1. Craft a bow, see the section on bow crafting.
2. Find a sheep.
3. shoot it.
Sheep hunting is done from skill level 3 to level 4.

Deer hunting:

To hunt deer, you will need a bow regardless of your race.
1. First, find a deer, and dig a pit near it using your shovel.
2. You may want to, now, blockade off most of the exits around the deer so it only has one way to run.
3. Make a lot of racket and scare the deer into running.
4. shoot the deer when it is in the pit.
Note that, dragons can land to scare creatures, and can also kill deer if they are in a pit.

Crafting a bow:

To make a bow, you will need a number of items, first, you will want to get some branches, by cutting away undergrowth.
It takes only one branch to make a bow, but it may take a few to make arrows.
First, start your bow carving by typing carve.
Next you will need strips of leather. You will need 3.
Get these by stripping the pelt off of a corpse, tanning it, and then cutting it up, like so:
1. Kill an animal, usually a fox as the easiest.
2. Strip the pelt from the animal.
3. go to a beach room, and begin a firepit.
4. Tan your pelt with the tan command.
5. Cut the pelt.
6. when prompted, enter the number you are given to adjust your cutting angle.
Type the carve command, when back in the hunting area and complete the puncturing of two holes in the bow, one at each end.
Decorate your bow, if you like, and then finish it.
to fashion arrows, you will need branches, and a knife, that's all!

I'm stuck!

I can't move, and or the tracks lead east, but there is no path!
No problem.
you can clear undergrowth, using your axe, which is also how you get branches. this creates cleared paths.

My knife has gone blunt!

No worries, take it to an NPC hunter and hand it to him or her. they will sharpen it for you.

Full list of commands:

For dragons:
launch: launches you into the air
land: makes you land
dive : dives in a direction.
For everyone:
block : Create a blockade over an exit using 5 branches.
carve: Begin to, or continue to, carve your bow.
chop : Clear undergrowth in a direction.
display to : Attempt to sell stored meat to an npc.
dig: Use your shovel to dig into the ground.
fashion: Make some arrows out of a branch
leap over : Attempt to leap over a bush.
push : Push branches into a new room.
pounce : Pounce on a fox after he is out of his hole.
racket: Make some noise to scare animals.
wrap : Wrap a corpse into your meat cooler.
throw spear at : throw your spear.
track: Scan around for animals. You can also provide arguments to the track command to filter it, for instance, track fox or track deer.
where: Find out roughly where you are in the forest, and where the exit is in relation to you.
wedge: If you find a rock when digging, use this command to wedge your shovel in and get rid of it.
Step on : Will rip the rock out of the ground. Be careful! this may break your nose. You will need to get this healed at a medical center.
fire at cut : cut up an animal into meat, which you can then cook over fires.
strip : Get a pelt from a corpse
tan : Tan a pelt. This is done from the room in which your firepit is.
Firepits, these commands are only done in beach rooms:
insert into : put wood into the firepit
firepit: set up the firepit
light : set light to the wood in the firepit
destroy : kick sand into the firepit and get rid of it.


Each NPC, of which each hunting store has one, will accept only one type of meat. To find out which accepts which, you need to talk to them.
If your nose becomes broken, you will need to get it healed at a medical center.
To leave the hunting area, go as far south and west as you can then type out.
Dragons and Ryuchi do not need knives for cutting or stripping pelts. Further, Mutariansi do not need knives as long as they are in a form with claws.


Skills: hunting, cutting, aiming
Race advantages: Mutariansi begin with a +5.0 hunting advantage, as well as a +6.0 aiming advantage. Dragons and Ryuchi start with a +3.0 hunting advantage, as well as a +3.0 cutting advantage. Cy-larkan have a -1.0 in this activity, as their lack of biological makeup makes it difficult for them.
Recommended help files: chelp Low-rank Crafting,help firepit.
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