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activity help: Firefighting


Since before recorded history, fire has been both a useful tool and a terrible threat to all the known races. Fire itself is the combustible chemical reaction between two or more elements. Sometimes, these reactions can be used in a controlled manner, resulting in something useful, such as cooking food, forging metal and heating homes. Sometimes, these reactions get out of control and fire becomes a threat to both people and property. In these times, brave individuals would band together, putting themselves on the line, to fight fires. No matter which race's history you read, the common phenomenon known as the fire fighter has arisen in every culture and is often revered as a heroic figure. Today, the firefighting tradition continues as out of control fires crop up to threaten those who lack the skill and courage to battle deadly blazes.

You will need:

A fire truck.
A firefighter's contract, both signed by you and stamped by a JAG member.
A television.

What to do:

Purchase the above materials.
Sign the contract and take it to a JAG member and ask them to stamp it. This makes the contract legal.
Bolt the television in a room you own and turn it on. Make sure to either monitor the Interstellar News channel, or have Emergency alerts filtered on. To do this, type filter
Fires will also be announced on the dispatch channel.
Wait for a fire dispatcher to announce that a fire has been reported, Take your firetruck to the area mentioned in the alert and spray the fire with the hose on your fancy new fire truck.
You will get your reward at the end of the contract term.
Note: For discussion of fires and firefighting in general. Please use the dispatch channel.

Additional Information:

For some fires, you may not be able to get the truck in the same room. To get to these fires you will need the extendable hose upgrade. You buy this on one of the merchant ships. To get your vehicle onto the ship:
1. Move to where the merchant ship is, make sure it is landed, not docked.
2. Type link to link your vehicle.
3. Type return.
To extend the hose, type extend from inside the vehicle, then extend hose to . Use the hose with use to put out the fire, then retract to retract it. You can not move the vehicle while the hose is extended.


Like fires in real life, fires on CR will naturally burn everything they can including players, vehicles, and even trees.
Dragons are immune to the effects of fire, though the vehicles they are in are not.


For the contract:
Read : Read the contract.
Sign : sign the contract.
Stamp : Stamps the contract. This can only be done by a JAG member. JAG members can not stamp their own contracts.
c-stamp: Have the contract stamped by a clerk of the court, or a member of the JAG. Members of the JAG will usually charge you a small fee. clerks may charge you significantly more!
In the fire truck:
Scan: scan for fires.
Spray: Spray any fires in the immediate area with fire retardant chemicals.
Check: Check the Ranks of the chemical tank.
Refill: On a landing pad, refills the chemical tanks for a small fee.
Siren: Toggles the fire truck's siren.


Rank: 60 and up.
Recommended help files: help vehicle command.
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