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activity help: Salvaging


Salvaging. Simple, easy. Right? Every MOO has it, you just type salvage and off you go. Right? Boring. Right? right! Not... Quite.

Salvaging is marginally different on cosmic Rage compared to the other MOOs out there. First off, it is very dependant on your skills. The higher your salvaging skill, the better off you will be.

At first, you will salvage for cash and points. Later on, however, salvaged debris can be transfered into your factory and made into metal panels, wood, and plastics for the building of other equipment.

In 2040, 20 years after the first commercial flights into space, it was concluded that the amount of space junk in Earth's orbit, and indeed the natural debris in other orbits, simply was not good enough. The Earth alliance tasked Lady Debra Isitus to clean up the debris and recycle it.
The lady Debra decided that it could be melted down for fuel. She created a single central salvaging ship that is still used today to clean up the debris. Salvaging became quite a trade from 2045-2055 until in 2056, it was declared the first space activity.

You will need:

A ship with a cargo bay and the proper salvaging upgrades such as lines, a debris scanning module, etc. A salvager is a good place to start if you are just beginning and unable to decide.
Rat extermination equipment such as a weapon, fire extinguishers/spray bottles for each room of the ship, etc. Note: One spray bottle will give one room the capability of automatically spraying a special mist that will kill the rats in that room, but you will stil want an extinguisher for that room just in case, as the spray bottles do not put out fires. Only extinguishers do this.
Note, It is worth investing in a cargo expansion drone, the debris upgrade on the drone, and the plates to install the debris expantion with higher ranking ships which lack the ability to salvage debris.

What to do:

1. Enter any sector. It can be either local or nonlocal.
2. Find some debris. note, the higher your sensor range, the easier it will be to find some with one scan. if your sensor range is low, try moving across the sector and scan at regular intervals. Salvage range will help when things are particularly far away.
3. Salvage the debris.
4. Repeat until your cargo hold is full or until you are tired of salvaging.
5. If you are salvaging for cash and points, transfer it upon landing on a planet or space station.
Note: If you are transferring it to a factory, You should first land at the factory's transfer center, then exit your ship and type unload . Please see fhelp factory building and fhelp player run debris storage for more information.


dfilter : filter debris out that is less than units from your scan.
scan debris: Scan for debris in all directions, as far as your sensor range will allow.
sal: Salvage your debris.
stop: Stop salvaging.
transfer: Transfer your debris onto a planet or station. Note, you must be docked to a station or landed on a planet to do this.
unload : Transfer debris to a transfer center at a factory. You will not get points when unloading at a factory, but depending on how the owner has set the price, you may get much more in the way of credits.
debrisdrone: If you've upgraded your ship with debris drones, sends them out to collect debris for you. The command DBD can be used to send the debris drones into space.
debris: Get a detailed breakdown of debris in your cargo bays.
debrislaser or dl, then either split or destroy: If destroy is given as an argument, destroys a debris cloud. If split is given as the argument, splits up a large debris cloud, usually used so that debris drones can pull in the pieces. Debris lasers are a constructable module using blueprints.
You can use dl split to section a larger cloud of debris into smaller pieces. dl split by itself will section such a cloud into the maximum number of pieces possible as determined by the debris laser thickness upgrade.
ext (in any room with a fire extinguisher installed): Put out the fire in that room.
unblock : Unblock an exit that has been blocked by debris as a result of fire. Note, to unblock the in exit, such as the one from the airlock to the control room, you must use a dash (-) for the exit name: unblock -in.

Watch out!

Ratika (rats) like to nest in debris clouds! If rats board your ship and set rooms on fire, you *will* lose those rooms if you do not deal with the fires quickly. It is very possible that you could find yourself without important rooms if you are not careful. Furthermore, you will eventually die of smoke inhalation if you stay in burning rooms for too long. Be prepared and DO NOT leave fires to burn for long periods of time!

Additional warnings:

While salvaging, it is possible your ship could salvage in a ratika or explosive device.
Explosive devices will set your room on fire, while a ratika will act as normal ratika do, but from a diffrent room.

Should you become on fire while in a ship, you should type ext .
Ships that are no longer usable can be sold using your informational computer.
If you choose to transfer to a factory, to get to the debris drop off point you must land on it, rather than the usual docking method.

Warning: Your salvaging skill must be equal to your lines and range on your ship. so if you have a ship with range 5, and it has 6 lines, you need salvaging skill of 6.


Rank: 50
Skills: salvaging
Race advantages: humans have a +3 in this skill and dragons have a +1.
Recommended help files: Shelp fires,shelp rat.
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