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crafting help: Sculpting

Sculpting is one of the many fun things to do with wood.
It is easy-to-understand and while it does take a little time to gather up the required amounts, it's really worth it.
In sculpting you get the chance to make your own statue or wooden figureen with a custom name and custom description.
You will need:
A toolbox
Size of statue, amount of wood:
tiny, 10
small, 20
medium, 30
large, 40
huge, 50
ginormous, 50

What to do:
1. Insert the wood into the toolbox.
2. Construct your statue or figureen.
To obtain wood:
1. Get an axe from a store.
2. Chop down trees in forested areas or on planetary chunks. On planets, look for trees growing in a room.
Note: firewood is a different type of wood and so will not work.
insert into : insert some wood into your toolbox.
chop : chop down some trees.
create with : create your figureen.
Rank: 1
Skill requirements: none
Race Advantages: none
Recommended help files: chelp lis.
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