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crafting help: list

Seeing as we have so many different crafting options on Cosmic rage, we have constructed this little help file to make it easier for you to remember what is what.
Find below a list of crafting options:
Crafting name, Rank
armour making, 1
Clothes fashioning, 1. See chelp low level crafting
Dwelling construction, 1, see help dwellings
Hut building: 1
Sculpting: 1
Shelling, 1
Weaving: 1
Wax shaping: 5
Spear making: 15
Furniture Crafting: 40
Forging: 55
Factory building: 200
Blueprint research: 200. No specific help file, but this activity is done in factories. See the fHelp category for more information
Perfume making: 200
Quilt making: 200
Glass crafting: 200
Ship building: 240
Industrial plant crafting: 900
Recommended help files: aHelp list,ahelp Recreational Temptation.
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