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crafting help: Forging

Yet another little item of crafting available to you on Cosmic Rage is forging.
With forging you can make:
Debris lines for your ship.
You will need:
For jewelry, 10 copper strips.
For debris lines, 30 tritanium strips.
How to find the resources:
1. Type search. No really, just type search.
The higher your search and retrieval skill, the more you will get.
How to make a bracelet or other item of jewelry.
you will need:
A water pod ship.
10 strips of copper.
What to do:
1. Unload the copper into the forge.
2. Type forge.
3. Name and describe your item of jewelry.
4. Give it to someone you love, or wear it yourself!
To make debris lines:
You will need:
A water pod,
30 tritanium strips.
What to do:
1. unload the strips into the forge.
2. Type forge.
3. Install the debris line onto your ship.
Note: Installing the line does not take into account your salvaging skill. So while it is true that at Rank 55 you could install 10 lines onto your ship, unless you have the skills for it you can not actually use it. Please install responsibly.
Debris lines can not, and will not be by hosts, uninstalled.
List of all commands:
forge: while in a water pod will access the forges menu.
Search: will search for resources.
store-res: Will store resources into the forge.
resources: Will see how many resources you are carrying.
Install onto : will install a debris line onto your starship.
Rank: 55+
Skills: search and retrieval
Please note, you don't necessarily need a water pod for this activity. Type store-res in your forge which will unload all your tritanium and copper.
Race advantages: none
Recommended help files: help skills,help low Rank crafting,help crafting list,help gem retrieva.
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