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activity help: Dredging


Unlike on old Earth, rivers are considered a valuable item to be taken care of in our modern day society. We view that it is our job, our responsibility, to keep our rivers clean and safe for both the races to swim in, and for the fish to swim in as well.

In 2265, The Earth Alliance, later to become The Species Defence Force, set up the AOWC, the Aware of Our Water Campaign. It is due to this that a person can now take up several jobs to help keep our rivers clean. The most noticeable, and certainly the easiest of these jobs, is dredging.

You will need:

1. A boat with the dredging upgrade.
2. A boat trolley.
3. A transfer trolley.

What to do:

1. Buy a boat and upgrade it with the dredging upgrade.
2. Buy yourself a boat trolley to transport the boat, the commands for which can be found below.
3. Once your boat is at a mooring, board the boat and unmoor it into the water. See your info computer for locations.
4. Begin dredging. You can only dredge to the bottom of the lake before the equipment automatically retracts.
5. When your cargo bay is full or you have had enough, moor the boat and unload your dredged material into a transfer trolley.
6. Take that trolley to a dredging factory and empty it. You will be rewarded for your hard work.
Note: You can not dredge in water pods.

List of Commands

See the boat commands help file for the boat commands.
dredge: Begin dredging.
unload in : Unload the dredged material onto a transfer trolley.
empty : Empty the transfer trolley
push to : Push your trolley in a certain direction.
move on : Load a boat onto your boat trolley.
unload from : Unload your boat from your boat trolley.
Note: if you are standing in the middle of a room that has a load of trolleys in it and you cannot figure out which one is yours, it may be a good idea to label your trolley. To do this, type LABEL TROLLEY. make sure you do this when you are not in a room with a ton of trolleys in it.


Rank: 25
Skills: none
Race advantages: none
Recommended help files: help boat command.
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