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moon help: the base

The base is your central system for the moon.
It is from this everything happens, except buildings.
Without a base, your moon is going nowhere.
Find below a list of things you can do in your base and what they mean:
account: Used to view your moons money, and todays import and export costs. If you have at least one building on your moon, this command also allows you to transfer credits in to moon bucks.
allies: Allows you to form an alliance with another player.
atmosphere: Lets you view the atmosphere class of your moon.
abandon: Allows you to give up your moon
attack: Allows you to launch an attack on someone.
commerce: Allows you to access commerce controls. See mHelp commerce.
door: Allows you to redescribe the bases door.
loan: allows you to access loan controls.
notice: Toggle on and off receiving notices about your moon.
out: leave the base.
power: power on and off your base. The longer it is powered on, the more it'll cost you in the long run.
recruit: start the recruitment process.
register: Register your moon either to your organisation, or as a new organisation.
status: View a status report of your moon.
tasks: Start, or view, a task. See mHelp tasks.
rename: rename your moon
Recommended help files: mHelp commerce, mhelp tasks
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