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moon help: tasks

Tasks are when moon base building becomes not just fun, but beneficial to the player.
To access your task interface, go to your moon base and type tasks.
There are four things in this menu:
1. View tasks: Hmm! I wonder what that does?
2. Start a task,
2.a, Start a mining task, more on that in a second.
2.b, start a salvaging task, more on that in a second.
3. build attack drones.
4. Build defense drones.
Mining tasks:
Mining tasks are where you pay citizens to head out into fields and harvest 1000 of a mineral type. the mining task interface allows you to set how much you pay them, how many times they go out, and where they drop off their stuff.
Their bounty will be delivered in the form of mineral sacks upon the task completion.
Salvaging tasks:
Similar to mining, except instead of minerals your citizens try to get debris.
Debris is delivered in cannisters, which you can then drop off at a factory refinery to be unloaded.
If you played this right, you could make a profit by simply transferring the goods to a higher paying planet than yourself!
Note on tasks:
If you pay your citizens below average, some of them might choose not to give you their bounty and go somewhere else. If this happens, you still pay them, but get no result.
If you pay your citizens average, they work, and that's it.
If you pay them above average, there is a random chance they'll harvest 5000, rather than 1000, of a mineral type or debris amount.
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