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gadgets help: Belts

Belts on Cosmic Rage are slightly more complicated because the commands have similar syntaxes. There are several things you can put on your belt, as shown below:
Holsters: for storing weapons.
Sheaths: for storing weapons.
Keyrings: for storing keys.
radios: Store your radio on your belt if you do not want to carry it around. You will not hear your radio if you do this, however.
Battery repair kits: for when you need to repair your starship.
a pouch
clip to : clip a holster, radio, sheath or keyring to your belt.
attach to : clip a battery repair kit to your belt.
detach from : get a battery repair kit from your belt.
unclip from : unclip a holster, sheath, keyring or radio from your belt.
pouch : access your belts pouch.
Recommended help files: help clothing, help armour
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