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general help: armour

There are several different types of armour on Cosmic rage.
Each piece of armour will vary in how much damage it can take.
Armour is just like clothing, in that it is worn and can go in various different places.
For commands for clothing, see help clothes.
To find out whether a piece of armour is just clothing or armour, type id .
Your armour protection can be viewed by typing health-status, or hs.
To view each piece of armours statistics, type armour, or look at it.
To remove all of your pieces of armour, type unarmour.
If you have an armour bag and store your armour there, you can type use for putting all your armour on quickly. Each piece of armour will go to it's clothing slot automaticly.
Over time, when you fight, armour will begin to decay.
When armour takes a hit, its amount of damage it protects you for will decrease.
To repair a piece of armour, you will need one copper and one tritanium strip per unit of repair.
You can either type repair to repair a single piece of armour, or ra, to repair all of your worn armour.
To find copper or tritanium:
1. Go to an outside room. That is, rooms with a weather string under the title.
2. Type search.
The higher your searching skill, the more you obtain.
You can also obtain strips from machines that are craftable on Industrial Plants.
Extra commands:
use : if you have an armour bag, this will get your armour from the bag, and put it on.
unarmour: Will take your armour off in one go, and if you have one, load it into an armour bag.
"Recommended help files: help clothes, chelp armour making
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