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the FAQ is shown below. Please note that these are only questions related to muds.
The FAQ has been formatted such that a question is in a heading, and then the answer is below it.

What is a MUD?

A mud is a text-based multiuser dungeon played over the internet using a mud client.
For more information, see our Clients page.

What is Cosmic Rage?

Cosmic Rage is Nathan Tech's very own MUD.
It is Space-based and aims to offer the best possible experience we can.

How do I become a host on cosmic rage?

Currently, hosts are taken on from within the game.
You must go through several stages to reach hostship.

Do you advertise for other muds?

the short answer is, no.
We host our own mud and advertising for others would be counterproductive to our own success.

Do you host other peoples muds?

Very, very rarely.
We have helped boost one or two muds off of the ground and provided a free solution to close friends, but we do not usually.

Does your mud have rivals?

We seek not to.
Our end game is to be the singularly most unique Space MUD on the market.
To have a rival means that there is someone offering the same thing you are.
That we do not want.

How can I ask a different question?

Get in touch with us!
We always want to hear from people like you.
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