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ships help: garry

So your ship has blown up, darn! What about all that furniture you had inside it? What about those fifty cargo barrels? Are they lost forever? Thankfully, no!

Someone has programmed a hologram named Garry whose job it is to collect salvage containers left in space, even in mission fields. When he is landed at Earth, you can find his ship called Galactic Cleanup Ship, enter it, and type collect to grab any of your salvage containers.

Garry also responds to certain key phrases over the trade channel, but since he is a programmed hologram you have to say it just right. Here they are.

Hello, Garry
How are you, Garry?
Garry, found any porn?
Garry, got my container?
Garry, whose containers you got?
Garry, where are you?
He will chat with pilots with other phrases as well. Try asking over the trade channel, Garry, what do you respond to?

Garry will do his collection runs every two hours. If you don't want to wait on him, it is possible to get salvage containers with a ship. If your ship can see the container with a retrieve scan, simply type retrieve in your cargo bay to pull it in.
Garry is a nice guy. But if you buy a beer, and give it to him, he'll like you just that much more!
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