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ships help: Cargo Hold Expansion Drones

How does one upgrade one's cargo hold?
On Cosmic Rage, we have something truely unique: cargo expansion drones. Cargo drones are very cheap and available from Rank 40. These drones literally build the expansions into your cargo holds. They will follow you around from ship to ship, and as a result, you should only ever need 1 drone.

Each upgrade requires an amount of plates. To obtain these plates, you can either buy them from the cargo drone shop or build them in your factories. To ensure that your drone can upgrade your hold, you must buy the required upgrade for your drone. Once done, you can put the drone in your cargo hold and type upgrade with . Providing you have the correct number of plates, your cargo drone will build your expansion within a matter of minutes.

You can upgrade your cargo hold to the size of your cargo skill times 100. So if you have a Rank 1 cargo skill, you will be able to upgrade your cargo hold to 100 units. This does mean, however, that if you have a ship that already has a cargo bay of 100 units, you will not be able to upgrade it further until you raise your cargo skill.

use : Instruct your drone to follow or stop following you.
stop : stop your drone from doing something.
upgrade with : Upgrade your cargo hold using your drone.
check : See how many plates your drone contains.
install on : Add packs of plates to your drone
dump from : Dump cargo plates from your drone.
view : view what upgrades are on your drone
You can also type upgrade with
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