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general help: upgrades

Upgrades are a fundamental thing to your gameplay here on Cosmic Rage.
Without upgrades you will find it very difficult to progress.
Upgrades, unlike on many other space MOO's are not just for ships. Here on Cosmic Rage, you can get upgrades on anything, from containers, to drones, to ships, to much more.
Upgrade shops are scattered throughout allied space. You may have to do some exploring to find them.
Sometimes, you'll notice that upgrades charge you with two different fees.
These two different fees are the equipment, and labor fees.
To put this in context, imagine you are buying an extra salvage line. You would first get charged the cost of the line itself, then the fee for the labor of installing it onto your ship.
If you have an informational computer, you can search for upgrades using the upgrade manager. Type Upgrades.
Upgrade shop commands:
list or list : list the available upgrades or get more information about a spacific upgrade
Please note that upgrades now get added to a cue when you purchase them. For instance, if an upgrade was purchased, and you add another upgrade, the second upgrade will be added to a cue and will be installed when the first upgrade has finished. The upgrade manager of the shop will call you letting you know when the upgrade has been installed so please answer them when they do to insure the cue doesn't get clogged.
buy: purchase an upgrade
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