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general help: crabs

Crabs are a special kind of mob on Cosmic Rage and so we think they deserve their own help file.
Crabs are only found on beaches.
Crabs are aggressive, and will attack you if you enter the area they are in.
Once you have killed a crab, however, it drops a corpse.
Unlike normal corpses, these corpses will not decay straight away.
You can actually cut these corpses up into very useful things:
You will need:
a knife
What to do:
1. Type cut corpse.
That's it!
What do you get?
1. A shell, see chelp shelling
2. Some crab meat.
Note: the higher your butchering skill is, the more likely you are to obtain the shell!
What can I do with the meat?
You will first need a firepit, see help firepits for more information.
Once you have set up this firepit, you can cook the meat over the fire and then eat it.
Unlike regular food, crab meat will reset your hunger completely back to 0.
Watch out! Eating crab meat will make you smell fishy!
Watch out! Crab meat does not last as long as normal foods!
cook : if there is a firepit in the room, will cook your meat
cut : cut up the crab corpse.
Skills: butchering
Race Advantages: none
Recommended help files: chelp shelling,ghelp firepit.
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