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crafting help: shelling

There are several different ways for you to make jewelry on Cosmic Rage and shelling is one of them.
Please note, before reading this help file, you should take a look at help crabs for information on crabs, and help firepits, for information on firepits.
In shelling, you have the opportunity to first make yourself an object out of animal hide, and then thread shells on it to make it look pretty.
first lets make an object.
No matter what the object is, there are a few steps you must carry out first:
You will need:
a spear
a firepit, see help firepits for more information
a knife
What to do:
1. Go to a hunting area, and slay an animal. See ahelp hunting for more info.
2. Strip the animal of its pelt using the strip corpse with knife command.
3. Go to your firepit, and after setting it up, see help firepits, type tan to start tanning your pelt.
4. When the pelt is tanned, type cut pelt to begin cutting it into strips.
You will need to adjust your angle from time to time to ensure that your strips are straight.
Warning! You only have three seconds, at the prompt, to enter the angle it provides!
Great! Now you have some strips!
What shall we do with them?
The key thing you must do is weave them together.
It will take a minimum of 1, and a maximum of 5, strips to make something.
the table below shows the possible items you can make:
Number of strips, item, short description:
1, anklet, a short strip of leather that will go around the ankle
2, a leather bracelet, a nice, leather bracelet to go around someones wrist
3, a leather necklace, a necklace for going around someones neck
4, a leather headband, much like a headscarf or similar, the headband will rap around the persons head, not hiding them, but acting almost like a bandanna.
5, a decoration, a decoration, like a streamer, to hang on the wall.


To weave two peaces of leather together, type weave with .
By looking at a piece of leather, you can see how many others you have linked to it.

------ Decorations --------

Any and all of the items listed in the above table, when finished, can be custom described.
Before you finish them up and describe them, however, you may want to decorate them.
Currently, the only way you can decorate strips is shelling.
You will need:
a dead crab, see help crabs
a knife
a bucket
some paint[optional]
What to do:
1. Cut the crab up. Do this with cut .
2. Fill up your bucket with sea water. To do this, type fill bucket while on a beach.
3. Dip the shell into the bucket to make it nice and clean. clean to do this.
4. If you have paint, bought on Harmonia, you can type dip into to change the color of your shell.
5. When you are happy with how it looks, type thread onto to thread it onto your project.

------- Finishing the Project ------------

When you are completely happy with your weaving and threading, it is time to finish your project, giving it a description and turning it into one of the items above.
To do this, simply type finish .
You will then be prompted for the description, and then your item is complete!
Full list of commands:
strip corpse with knife: when in a hunting area, gets the pelt of an animal from its corpse.
tan : tan the pelt
cut : cut up the pelt
cut : cut up a crab corpse
clean : clean a shell
fill : fill up a bucket with water
dip into : change the color of your shell
thread onto : thread the shell of your crab onto the strip of leather
finish : finish up the project
skills: butchering
Race Advantages: none
Recommended help files: help crabs,ghelp firepit.
--------- End of file -------
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