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factory help: Player Run Clothing Stores

Because we love complete player customizability on cosmic rage, we offer you the opportunity to run your own clothes shops.
what do these shops allow you to do?
1. Design and description, with type and second type options and custom appearance strings, any clothing you like.
2. they allow you to sell them in your own shop and receive payments for them.
3. They give you the opportunity to balance out the costs of materials verses prices.
4. They give you the opportunity to customize your own welcome message in the shop.
How do I get a player run clothing store?
They are factory rooms and require 20 metal panels to build.
How do they work?
First you add some items.
Second you open the shop.
Third people buy your items.
Fourth you are charged, once every 24 hours, the cost of the materials you have used for the day.

All publicly available items must comply with the public content policy of the game.
Additional note: Each item of clothing bought from your store costs 20 plastic from your storage bay.
The cash paid at the end of the day is for materials such as cotton or decorative features.
Buy: buy an item. It can be typed with or without arguments.
close: close the shop
Edit: Add, edit, remove and recategorise items. You can also change a few shop options here.
list: list the items in the shop
open: open the shop
Rank: n/a
skills: none
race advantages: none
Recommended help files: fhelp factory buildin.
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