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factory help: Factory Ranks

Here on Cosmic Rage we have what are called factory ranks. At Rank 200, you are given the opportunity to build your own factory. Factories can have up to 60 rooms of over 40 different types. Once your factory is built however, you can then expand further! For example, each factory will give you slight benefits to your factory's charge, drone count, and maximum room count. Furthermore, When you have achieved the rank of artificial planet, you may apply for the title of "lord of the factory". While "lord of the factory" does not give you any higher standing, it is a legal claim to the fact you may officially rule over a planet. See the following information for the requirements of each rank, as well as the maximum capacity for each type of factory.
For ease of reading, the requirements for each rank have been split into separate help files.
In these files you will see references to X lines in length for descriptions. this is meant as a guide, and is judged based on the client being used by the host who does the review. As a rule, most clients tend to be between 75 and 100 characters in length, though this should be considered a guide only. Higher quality descriptions are always ranked higher than very wordy, but ultimately poorly written, descriptions.
when you are ready to go up a rank you submit your factory to the hosts for inspection. This is done through the submit-factory command.
There are two types of inspection:
1. Full. A full inspection is where a host will go in and examine your factories rooms, ambient messages, the works. If you meet the requirements for the rank your factory will be ranked up immediately upon the end of the inspection. There is a one month cooldown period after the inspection so that other people can get their own factories inspected. After the inspection, you will receive a mail from the hosts. This should obviously only be refered to loosely in character as it will contain out of character advice on descriptions and such.
2. Partial: In a partial inspection you can mark up to ten rooms to be inspected. The hosts will go in to these rooms and leave specific comments on the rooms to give you advice about that particular description and the related items to it. Comments can be viewed with your factory monitor. The cooldown for partial inspections is 2 weeks.
To mark a room for inspection, simply go to the room, type mark, then type the word inspect.
So why would you go for a partial inspection/ Here are some advantages:
1. Each room marked will get a detailed explanation. We'll go through your description and ambient messages, guiding you on how and why something is the way it is, outlining alternative choices you could make.
2. If necessary, we'll suggest ways you can improve the room further, giving a few ideas on what things to add.
3. We will congratulate you on your achievements and detail what your strengths are.
if you keep being denied for full inspection, maybe partial is your ticket!
Other things to know:
You can put up to ten ambient messages in a single room, and custom exits are per exit.
Regarding descriptions, Cosmic Rage has a nice little description builder that will assist you in building okay descriptions. We recommend that you do not use the description builder for ranks higher than large factory, however. This is because the description builder lacks certain elements that you will need to include in your descriptions as you progress through the ranks. and more are being added over time. It is also perfectly fine to get the help of other players should you need it.
You can also check your descriptions for spelling mistakes, common writing errors and force rp words by typing @spellcheck.
To submit your factory for inspection by the factory inspection committee, please type SUBMIT-FACTORY in the control room of your factory. The process is fully IC, and you may get a reward in either cash or rp points, depending on the hosts' mood for successfully getting to a rank. There are no Rank requirements for any of the factory ranks, except the Rank required to obtain a factory itself.
Recommended help files: fhelp factory building,help titles,fhelp Requirements for the rank of factory,fhelp Requirements for the rank of large factory,fhelp Requirements for the rank of starbase,fhelp Requirements for the rank of mini space station,fhelp Requirements for the rank of space station,fhelp Requirements for the rank of artificial plane.
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