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crafting help: glass crafting

Glass crafting is another form of threading.
It is a higher-Rank version of shelling.
Before reading this file, please read chelp shelling.
this crafting activity produces a glass ornament for threading onto a leather bracelet or necklace.
What you will need:
a resource trolley
a glass crafting oven[blueprint made]
What to do:
1. collect some sand from a beach into your trolley.
2. Take your resource trolley to your factory, where you should have already constructed a glass crafting oven.
3. Transfer the sand into the oven.
4. Construct your figure
5. Thread it onto leather.
sand : collect sand into your trolley
fill from : fill up the oven with sand
use : turn on the oven and make your mould.
Rank: 200
Skills: none
race Advantages: none
Recommended help files: chelp shellin.
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