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activity help: starship wrecking


In 2491, Kayla Maryanne, one of the reigning Fivestar generals of the time, was presented one sunny day with a curious cube.
It was about 6 inches in size, and had a small, cube-like claw attached.
no one quite new what to make of it, accept for one, frightening fact. What ever enemy this came from, they were using biological engineering, which meant, potentially, biological warfare, a horrid possibility that had not been considered since the early 2050's.
Concerned and wanting to know more, Five-star Maryanne issued an order that anyone who could bring in these cubes would be rewarded handsomely for their trouble.

You will need:

1. An enemy vessel scanner.
2. A ratika cage, used for distracting the Dulfarite and allowing you to search the wreck in peace.
3. Lots of anti-infections, see help healing for more information
4. A clamp upgrade
5. A spacesuit.
6. A wreck scanning module for a starship.

What to do:

1. Set your sprays to stun, by typing spray in your control room.
2. Do some salvaging, and collect ratika into your cage. You'll want quite a few.
Ratika in the cage vertualise, so scoop them up quick, and then you're safe from the hoarding policy.
3. Head out of locals to the very edges[5000 upwards] of space.
Example coordinates: 5000 0 0
4. Scan for enemy vessels.
5. Head over to one, and type clamp to activate the magnetic clamp.
6. Cycle your airlock to hostile, remembering to put on your spacesuit. Board the enemy vessel, and search like mad for the cargo bay:
Note: Once you board the ship please drop your cage full of ratica!
Note 1: Map is not going to help you
Note 2: The cargo bay is a go exit
7. Grab the small cube, and high tail it out of there.
8. Undock using your undock command, then blow up the enemy vessel in the usual aim/fire way.
9. When you have collected several cubes, take them to a research station, of which Tarania is the only one currently, and hand them over.


While performing this activity, keep a look out for small chips. The chips may seem innocent on their own, but if you pick up an oxygen chip, a teleportation chip and a weapon chip, then install them onto a frame, they will turn that frame into a battlesuit, rather than just normal armour!


Watch out! As you move about the vessel, there will be some not so friendly monsters in there with you.
for a history on dulfarites, see whelp dulfarite.
supply lockers:
Starship recks may also contain supply lockers. These are just what they sound like. Lockers with goodies inside. However, they are locked, so you'll need to hack the lock open in order to retrieve the contents. Simply type hack locker and follow the prompts.
Be careful! Lockers are sometimes trapped and if you fail at hacking them there is a chance you could trigger the trap!


spray: in a starship control room, toggle your sprays between kill and stun
use : use the cage to capture the ratika
clamp: from the starship control room, will clamp to a ship
l : tells you how many ratika are in the cage
handover: In a datachip research center, will hand over your goods, getting you your reward
hack locker: starts the process of hacking supply lockers.


Rank: 750
skills: none required, though the hack skill will help you if you plan to hack lockers.
Race Advantages: none
Recommended help files: whelp dulfarit.
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