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world help: dulfarite

Dulfarite are an interesting race.
Only barely intelligent, they are a clam-like set of creatures who surprisingly feed on dead corpses, or ratika.
Dulfarites are made up almost like a combination between lobsters and crabs, with a hard outer shell and meaty inner body.
It is almost impossible to kill a dulfarite through physical or laser attacks. The only known way to kill a dulfarite is by poisoning it.
Their claws contain a poisonous toxin that kills it's prey with ease.

Stupidity. They're stupid, extremely stupid. They can't tell the difference between a ratika and a human. If they see a ratika, they'll eat it. If they see a human, they'll try and eat it.

If you should ever come across a dulfarite, your best options are thus:
1. Drop a cage full of Ratika.
2. Finish your business, quickly!
3. Grab up your cage, and run for it.
Dulfarite are not known to be able to go from one ship to another, though they are able to survive in space, thanks to their outer shells which they curl into, and go into a kind of hibernation state.
Make sure, should you come across them, that you have lots of ratika cages. Dulfarite consume the small ratika very quickly.
As far as we know, Dulfarite only like to inhabit empty or wrecked starships. This is so that they can use the materials inside to create a nest to lay more eggs.
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