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activity help: Recreational Temptations

Ever log on the game and think, "man... I just can't be bothered. I don't want to talk to people, because people require thought. I don't want to do activities, because effort."
No problem!
Aside from crafting, there are also small things known as Temptations!
Just like in aHelp list, these temptations are listed below in order of rank. You can type ahelp and then the name of the temptation to get more information on it.
note that some temptations can be done at any rank.
Name, rank, location:
pool, any, at a bar. See ahelp playing pool.
Airpod defense, none, Sola Virtus Invicta
Game boards, various, anywhere
sand castles, any, lakes
Drama shows, any, theatres
holo dueling, any, Partaculous Spectaculous
laser tag, any, in a laser tag arena, like the one on Valisianna.
More often than not though, there are some hidden features with certain objects.
Here's one free easter egg, just for reading this file!
You know those rocks you get in rock analyzation? try skimming them across a lake!
Recommended help files: aHelp list,cHelp lis.
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