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activity help: Pollution Reparation

Every planet, at some point in its timeline, will have an industrial revolution.
Every planet, after said revolution, will suffer from pollution buildup.
This was particularly true of Earth, whose pollution buildup saw the death of millions, if not a billion, in the nuclear wasting of 2190 to 2195.
By that point, a lot of the domes were up and functioning, but the radiation from this wreck caused many deaths, and mutations that can still be seen in the wastelands today.
In the early 2200's, a group of 150 scientists came together to try and perfect a vehicle that could go up into the atmosphere and remove some of the harmful gases.
The first of these vehicles was launched in 2265, piloted by Drastec Green Scale.
This system of removing harmful gases continued for the next 230 years up until the early 2490's, when scientists investigating its affects on Arctic ice discovered that, while it was slowing it down, it was not actually fixing it.
Reforms were called for, and in 2493, a system of extraction and repair was theorised that would allow two pilots, working together, to both clear the atmosphere of debris, and firm up the ozone layer that was so vital to life on the surface below.
The pollution vehicle itself received upgrades, with rotors being fitted to allow it to easier reach higher altitudes along with several lasers that allowed it to cut up bigger debris for easier retrieval.
You will need:
A pollution cleaner
What to do:
1. Buy your pollution collector.
2. Launch your vehicle into the atmosphere.
3. Scan for issues, and fix them. See below.
4. Return to the ground when finished and transfer any leftovers.
Problems to fix:
There are a number of layers that make up an atmosphere.
you start off, on the ground, in the troposphere.
To begin to repair the atmosphere, you must rise above this.
The first level you will be in is the stratosphere.
In the stratosphere are 3 things you can do:
1. Bromine. To fix bromine, move over to it and then type collect in each collection pod. You will receive your reward when you land and transfer.
2. Chlorofluorocarbon. First, you must launch Oxalate into the atmosphere at the same place where the Chlorofluorocarbon is. This will split the Chlorofluorocarbon, forming salt, carbon dioxide and carbon. The scientists are unconcerned about the salt and carbon dioxide, but do wish you to neutralise that single carbon. To do this, pump the area with oxygen. You will be rewarded once the carbon is dealt with.
3. Thin ozone: To fix this, simply pummp the area with oxygen until you receive a reward.
The next level up is the mesosphere. In the mesosphere you will find falling meteors, and groups of iron.
1. To get the iron, simply head to it and type magnetize. You will be rewarded when you land and transfer.
2. To get rid of the meteors, and stop them causing harm to the planet below, you should go over to them, and in one of the collection pods, you then type engage. The meteor will fly towards one of the pods, and you must type laser in said pod in order to hit it. This will happen around 10 times before you have completely burned the meteor away. This is when you receive your reward.
the meteors may alternate which pod they go to, which is why it is recommended that more than one person do this activity. While it is possible to run between each pod, it is also an unnecessary strain, and you get more reward by having more people.
The next level up is the thermosphere.
The thermosphere is full of small bits of debris.
Simply head over to them and type collect in each of your collection pods to grab it.
the final layer of the atmosphere, and that which is on the very edge of space, is the exosphere.
this layer is full of debris that is a bit bigger.
In order to collect this debris, you must first split it into smaller chunks, then collect it.
In these situations, it is best to split the debris according to how much space you have in your cargo bay. So if you have a debris chunk that is size 600, and you only have a size of 50 left, then split it at the 50 mark, and collect that. Repeat until you have broken down the debris.
Note: the first time you do the activity, you will need to type deploy to deploy your pods. You will not need to do this again.
Note on scanning: the scanner of the vehicle will tell you roughly where to go. This may not always be entirely straight to the target. you may need to, for example, fly west, then fly south. One technique to try is to fly half the distance, scan again, then continue.
Full list of commands:
For the commands below, when marked with a star, only the letters before the star must be typed. the rest of the command is optional.
From the cockpit:
asc*end: go up one atmosphere level.
cargo: view a cargo report.
dep*loy: One time use command, deploys your pods.
desc*end: Descend one level of the atmosphere.
directional commands: Move your vehicle. For example: typing north will move your vehicle north by 100 meters. You can type a direction followed by a number to get it to move several times, like this: north 17 will move the vehicle 1700 meters north.
land: Land the vehicle.
la*ser: split a large piece of debris into smaller chunks.
launch: launch the vehicle.
magn*etise: Activate the iron magnets.
pump: pump the area with oxygen.
Refill: refill your vehicle with Oxalate and Oxygen.
scan: Scan a level of the atmosphere for issues.
shutdown: power off the vehicle.
spray: Spray a Chlorofluorocarbon with Oxalate.
start: power up the vehicle.
stop: stop moving.
transfer: transfer any left over goods.
From the pods:
Col*lect: extend the collection scooper.
Eng*age: begin engaging a meteor.
La*ser: Fire the laser at a meteor.
scan: Same as above
This activity can be done by one, or two people. Higher rewards are given for multiple people doing the activity.
The pollution skill will increase the time you have to fire the laser at the meteor.
Ascending and descending take charge from your vehicle, so watch out!
At rank 40, you are able to go and buy an upgrade from an NPC on danimara. This upgrade will increase your cargo to 300 units.
Important note on transfer: You must be inside the vehicle to receive your reward!
Rank: 35
Skills: pollution
Race advantages: Cy-larkan have a +2 skill bonus in this activity.
Recommended help files: help vehicle commands, help pollution
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