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activity help: Nebula Harvesting


It was on August 2nd 2490 that the Science Officer James Linumberry noticed some very odd readings on his field scanner.
He took his research ship, modified for safety, out to the odd coordinates and found himself bombarded by damage.
His heat shields failed, enemies jumped in from all sides but thanks to his cloak, he survived.
What he found, amazingly, was that he had passed through what he called a gas halo.
These gas halos are curtains of gas around nebula clouds. When he broke through, he found about 25 Vacus warships seemingly harvesting the gas for fuel.
Bravely, and perhaps foolishly, the Science Officer mounted an attack there and then, single handedly clearing out the field. He then proceeded to investigate the cloudlets in the middle.
Cloudlets, so it says in his reports, are small beginner stars. They are the bits of gas that form before a star is even thought of.
Using some slight adaptations to his gas equipment, he was able to harvest said gas into his cargo bay.
It was viewed that actually, the standard equipment would be much too slow for this type of task and so Stargate productions did an emergency upgrade scheme in which they poured funds into building a stronger pull for their gas retrieval equipment.
With all of these combined researchers plus full military backing from the SDF, the Science officer was able to build a slightly improved piece of gas retrieval tech which allowed for us to harvest nebula.

You will need:

A ship with gas retrieval abilities.
A nebula scanning module installed.
You may want to make, and install, the gas upgrade module.

What to do:

1. go out of local sectors.
2. Locate a Nebula field, usually between 2000 and 3000 units from the center of the sector.
3. Enter it.
4. Scan for nebula cloudlets.
5. Harvest them.
Watch out! Get your heat shields up to 10,000 before you enter the field, there is a lot of heat going on in there!
Warning! Nebula cloudlets explode when empty.


Recently it was discovered that some Nebula contain high quantities of bioplasma.
Bioplasma in gas form can not be harvested using the usual gas units, as it is too unstable. Instead, magnetised rods, bought at Rank 300, must be used.
The magnets in the rods attract the atoms of the gas and then pull it into your tanks.
Note: in order to be able to harvest bioplasma gas, you must upgrade your ship's cargo bay (bays) with the bioplasma cargo expansion.
How to harvest nebula's containing bioplasma gas:
1. Extend all four rods to their maximum length of 50 feet, and lock a nebula.
2. Activate each rod.
3. the collection process is fully automated, the rods will attract the gas, and store it in your bays for you. The temperature of the rod, however, is not.
4. While your rods are harvesting the gas, it is possible they may encounter small pockets of heat or cold. For the processing to work, your rods must stay at exactly 0 degrees c. So it is your job, when you see their temperature change, to make sure it is set back to where it should be.
5. when the harvest is complete, retract all of the rods.
6. Unlock the nebula.


Scan: Scan a nebula.
r-gas or retrieve-gas: Start collecting some gas.
repair-gas: repair your gas harvesting equipment.
gas-stop: Stops the gas retrieval process if you have the automatic gas harvesting upgrade.
nebula-lock or n-l: lock, or unlock, a nebula for usage with the rods.
rod rod temp: Check the temperature of the rods.
rod ext*end: Extend one of the four rods.
rod ret*ract: Retract one of the four rods.
rod cool: Cool down one of the four rods.
rod heat: Heat up one of the four rods.
rod act*ivate: activate one of the four rods. all four rods must be activated to start the harvesting process.
stop: Stop your rods immediately without retraction.
Note: At higher levels you can buy an optional upgrade that allows you to put all in place of a number for the extend, temp, retract and activate commands.


Rank: 300
Skills: Gas harvesting.
Race advantages: Humans have a +2 in this skill.
Recommended help files: shelp Cargo Hold Expansion Drones,help upgrades,ahelp gas retrieval,help sector security grade.
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