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activity help: Moon Splitting

Moons are one of the most obvious celestial bodies in our known universe. Well before planetoid splitting was invented, a human by the name of Genila Corovanya decided to blow up a moon. He was arrested promptly and shot, but not before he managed to loose an experimental batch of moon missiles at moon Gamma Lima five, also known as the moon Io of Jupiter. The moon was promptly destroyed, creating moon chunks.
Several scientists went to investigate the chunks and were murdered brutally by rats. It was known that rats lived in the core of moons, but not on this scale.
When the rat infestation had been cleared, the scientists determined that we could harvest these chunks into bricks. It was decided to allow licenced people to use moon missiles. The task became harder after The Great Disaster, but even now, moon splitting is legal.
In the late 25th century, it was discovered that by using a highly-focussed laser, rather than moon missiles, more chunks could be obtained from the moons.
You will need:
a ship with moon gear on it.
What to do:
1. locate a moon (see ahelp moon harvesting).
2. Lock onto it using your tractor beam.
3. Begin the destruction process. this is done as shown below:
I: Type moon split.
II: the computer will analyse the moon and divide it up into sections. In order for the moon to fall apart, you need to cut it at even points around its edge, rather like cutting up a cake.
III: the computer will tell you how many cuts must be made. It will then tell you where to cut, for example, it may tell you to cut between 90 and 180. For the sake of ease, it also tells you the half-way point.
IV: It will then ask you where to cut. You must simply enter a number between the two given angles.
V: The closer you are to the weakpoint, the more chunks you will get.
Note: your character will also give you helpful hints as to where, roughly, he or she thinks the weak point is.
Here is an example:
the computer tells you that a weak point is between 90, and 180, with a half-way point of 135. Your character judges it is probably closest to the minimum angle.
In this example, you might want to type 100, to fire the laser at 100 degrees.
4. When the splitting is complete, the ship will extend nets to scoop up the chunks. watch out! When a moon is destroyed, ratika will attempt to board your ship!
5. Use your crushary at your factory to make the chunks into bricks.
Note: You get no reward from splitting the moon, as it is for personal use. Please see ahelp moon hauling for commercial purposes.
moon: enter moon commands.
Tractor: tractor in the moon.
split: split the moon.
moons: see what moons are around.

Rank: 900
Skills: none
Race advantages: none
Recommended help files: ahelp moon harvesting, ahelp moon hauling, fhelp factories.
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