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In 2437 Doctor Marissa Kaldari sought a way to automate production of complex, but highly useful items. After several years of building bigger and bigger laboratories, which she rapidly outgrew, she realized she had to look to the stars.
She assembled a frame and took it into space. With the help of her team, she used a series of station keeping thrusters to anchor the station so it would not move.
The frame quickly grew as she and her colleagues added more modules to it. In 2440, a doctor by the name of Shareef of the Emerald-green scales quickly set out to duplicate Kaldari's station.
He did so, but didn't see the success Kaldari did. He needed a way to make his station stand out, which he got in 2441 after having stolen a prototype blueprint from a past partner.
The blueprint turned out to be some sort of portable satellite generator. Previously, only planets could sustain the satellites needed to allow for rifting, but Shareef soon adapted this prototype into an actual working unit.
Doctor Shareef sent a small shuttle equipped with one pilot, Jovian Sanders, a test pilot brimming with excitement, into the rift of this new installation.
The pilot targeted star command, but was sent far afield when the rift grew unstable. Doctor Shareef lost telemetry from the shuttle, but located it again after performing a scan for its unique signature, the problem was, it was no where near inhabited space.
Out of communications with the station, Sanders panicked. His shuttle was not equipped with warp capabilities, and the engines were old, barely managing speed 30.
After calculating his position, Sanders quickly realized it would take him nearly two months to get home. He set course for the base, but sent out a wide band distress call, which turned out to be a huge mistake.
An armada of Vacus warships descended on the area, and sanders, in a broken down, decrepit, defenseless shuttle had no chance. Shareef saw the explosion through his link to the shuttle before the telemetry cut out.
Not bothered about it, Shareef made adaptations to the system, and sent another young test pilot through, this time with success.
At the time, hardly anyone knew about Shareef's discreditation from the science core. After performing hundreds of inhumane experiments on people and animals alike, his research grants were revoked, he was discredited. The dragon queen at the time, Xurana Golden scale swiftly declared Shareef outcast, and he lost his scales.
No one but his closest associates knew this, as he kept himself in heavy armour, or suits when seen in public.
Shareef went under the guise of a doctor even after his discreditation. To this day, no one fully understands how his disgrace was kept quiet, but its thought a wealthy family member had something to do with it.
Kaldari was an upstanding member of the Galactic Science Core. Her research and experiments were never brought under close scrutiny. She knew that she needed to take back this advantage; however, and she had suspicions about the now outcast Shareef. After months of diligent digging, she uncovered Shareef's disgrace. Immediately, she went public with the knowledge, sending it out to news outlets, and publishing it in her research circles.
Shareef was taken into custody on January 1, 2442. A speedy trial ensued, leading to his permanent incarceration, seizure of his assets, and a huge fine which was taken from his profitable ventures, and paid out to the families of the people he'd maimed or killed in his research.
Most of his assets went to auction, where Kaldari spent much time looking for the elusive blueprint. After a fierce bidding war, she managed to come out on top, winning the blueprint.
The acquisition of the blueprint nearly drained all of Kaldari's fiscal assets. This meant she had to lay off her entire team. She therefore carried the work out by herself, in her spare time. It took her 2 years, but in August of 2444, after much testing, fixing, and testing again, she filed a patent which one of her mentors was able to expedite through the system. In October, the patent was approved, and she started manufacturing the generators, as well as starship components.
The process started out slowly, because of the sheer amount of minerals it took just to make one generator, but as her wealth increased, she was able to take on associates again. All went swimmingly for nearly 4 years, but as she was climbing the ladder of wealth and status, she stepped on too many toes.
In late 2447, Kaldari suffered severe chemical burns, as well as blunt force trauma. One late night, when she was working in her station, a small explosion shattered two sample containers. When the two chemicals mixed, they auto ignited, shooting flames nearly two feet high. The resultant spray of un burnt chemicals flew everywhere. Her unprotected chest was severely burnt after the stuff ate through her shirt. The fire didn't stop there though. its rapid fury flash heated another sample container, which shattered, when the liquid in that container hit the chemical spill on the floor, a thermite reaction ensued. Volatile components heated up, and a mighty explosion rocked the station.
The quick thinking Kaldari ran for it when the initial reaction occurred, so she wasn't killed outright by the blast.
The explosion was so powerful, it nearly ripped one module off of the frame itself, causing a vent of the station's atmosphere.
Kaldari quickly sealed one of the emergency bulkheads in place, which prevented further venting.
The blast knocked out the station's power, including emergency backups entirely, which meant the stationkeeping thrusters no longer worked to counter the force that the explosion put on the station. The result of this is that the station begun to tumble through space, rotating slowly. With the gravity generators being knocked out with the entire loss of power, large pieces of equipment smashed into the walls and ceiling of the modules, causing even more damage.
The module Kaldari sealed herself in was not well anchored to the rest of the station, and the rest of the tumbling soon ripped it away. She now found herself stuck in a sealed off corridor which was tumbling endlessly through space.
Her medical condition was not good, she had several deep gashes, as well as the chemical burns which were quite severe. She managed to send out an SOS call, but no ships could rift to her remote location due to the station's loss of power, and damage.
A medical team did arrive, having cut through the bulkhead to reach her. She was unconscious at the time, nearly half of her blood volume gone, despite her apparent attempts to staunch the multiple sources of leakage.
She was taken to the Galactic Medical Complex, and put in the trauma ward. She was given transfusions of synthesized blood with added clotting factors, but she didn't survive.
After her heart stopped, attempts were made to resuscitate her, which all failed. It was then discovered in her autopsy that renal damage had occurred. In their mad dash to save her, they weren't able to do a full body scan, and she died.
It was later discovered that a whistle blower by the name of Maximus Red designation was responsible for the whole thing.
Originally deemed to be an accident, evidence later turned up his involvement. forensic teams swarmed the area, and came to the conclusion that Maximus did not, in fact, intend to murder Kaldari, but a cascade of events leading from his actions caused her demise.
he confessed to the crime, stating over and over it was only meant to hospitalize her, not kill her.
Before Maximus was incarcerated, him and his cohorts did manage to sneak aboard the heavily damaged station. They extracted valuable information from the damaged computer core, and leaked it to the public, anonymously.
All the blueprints Kaldari worked to create were now public knowledge. After several enterprising individuals got hold of these, and constructed their own stations, the SDF stepped in.
They wanted to ban these civilian stations outright, but advocates of the stations spoke out, loudly. Not liking to, the SDF did stop the ban talk but did start work on drafting policy for the stations.
They were given the official name of factories, and After SDF scientists crawled over the blueprints for nearly 2 years, factories were officially sanctioned, and allowed by anyone rank 200 or higher. It wasn't until 2490 when they imposed a factory tax based on location.
The advent of resource trolleys, hovering devices capable of storing metal, wood, plastics, barrels of liquid, bricks, sand and more, helped immensely to bring factories to everyone.

Factories are a way for you, the player, to both express your creativity, and construct all manner of things out of blueprints. You get the blueprints from destroying enemy ships, useing a retrieval scanner and using either retrieval lines, or a cargo net to bring the barrels aboard.
You can also find blueprint bundles by doing business with trading outposts, or from exploring ship recks.
Factories allow anyone Rank 200 or higher to do the following:
1. build things with blueprints
2. crush asteroids or planet chunks for bricks and sometimes a small mineral reward
3. crush enemy starships for a larger mineral boon
4. create and stock shops which visitors of your factory can visit and purchase your goods from
5. allow for crafting labs for other players who visit your factory to make things
6. turn your gases into oxygen, warp fuel, or plasma
7. Create cafe's to serve your guests
8. allow your guests to drop off debris or mineral rewards, and offer payment for their work.
9. allow your guests to transfer vehicle based goods to your factory for reward
10. build a great place for RP to happen.
You can buy a frame at Star Command, or Astraeus. You must first have a factory hauler, then you can take it out into space. Once you take it to where you want it, dock to it, and anchor it.
Once you have anchored it, you'll want to power it up and type systems to set your authorization code. This code is very important. If this code is not set anyone who gets access to your control room can blow up your factory with the autodestruct command. You really, really want to set this code.

Recommended help files: fhelp factory hauling,fhelp factory buildin.
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