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Our skill system

Running along our leveling system and our role play reward system we also have our skills.
These skills you must train for a certain amount of cash and time and make you more skillful in an activity which will then by extension give you a higher chance of being rewarded in that activity.
Find below a table showing some of the skills and how they rewards you:
Skill reward
building Allows you access to more advanced blueprints for building ships, factories or moon bases
mining increases how many minerals you obtain from hand mining and mechanical mining.
hunting The higher the hunting skill the less likely your spear is to break
warp Defines how high up of a warp drive you can buy
starship movement
starship weaponry Defines what starship weapons you can and can not use
salvaging Defines how many debris lines you are able to manipulate.
minerals Defines what mineral types you can collect from planetoids or asteroids
tube strength Defines how much armour you can upgrade the water collection tubes by in comet chasing
probe level defines how many probes you can buy
acids Defines what types of acids you can collect
dust laser Defines how much you can upgrade your dust laser by
\star probes Defines how good your star probes are
aim The higher your aim, the less likely you are to miss a target
armor Defines how good and how much armour you can wear
weapons Defines what weapons, if any, you can use
driving You must have this, along with your driving licence, in order to legally drive a vehicle
asteroid harvesting Defines how good you are at asteroid harvesting
gas harvesting, Defines how good you are at gas collection from planetoids
organic research defines how good you are at organic research
search and retrieval Defines how many blueprints you get from a barrel of cargo
Strength Defines how strong you are
Cutting Defines how many pieces of meat you will get from cutting up a corpse
Driving licence Defines weather you can drive or not
Volcano Licence The licence required to do volcano harvesting
fishing Defines how long you can hold a fish on a line for
water research Defines how deep you can go when researching in the water
Pollution research Defines how many times less than ten you have to dodge terbulants in the atmosphere
Creation Defines what level of blueprint you can create
cargo expansions Defines how big you can expand your cargo up to


Not all skills are listed here so if you see one that isn't, please let us know!