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the races

Cosmic rage has a rich role play environment, carrying with it the opportunity for you to fight, and play, several different personality types and forms of creature.
Each race has its own history and home planet, some of which can be read below!

Allied races:


humans are where it all begins.
They are the writers of the history books, the makers of the timeline.
The human race of Cosmic rage is a whirl wind ride for anyone wanting to play.
Home station: Salura


Prideful but clever, the dragons are the galaxies traders and healers.
They are a kind-hearted, if very prideful race dating back long before the human race. ,
They come in many forms and many styles but all of them worship the goddess Navu.
Date of meeting the humans: 2220
Home planet: Navu


Ryuchi are a powerful, war-like race.
they are strict in their every-day life, most of them training hard to make it into the planets finest warriors.
they are the offspring of Dragons and Humans, and so can come with Dragon pride at times.
Time of Creation: 2250
Home Planet: Goscro Krah


Larkans are a biomechanical race, most of them being made from mechanics but having a center of biological matter called the biocore.
They are a small race, not many of them having been awoken from slumber on the station that they were discovered in.
They are very, very loyal to the humans.
Home station: Calira Dura**9*1
Date of finding: 2400


Mutariansi are a race of prideful, clever shapeshifters who for many years, went amongst the humans without even being known.
They suffered terribly however, falling into being slaves for the Vacus.
In recent years they have been freed from the vacus overlords and are now tentatively attempting an alliance with the other races.
Date of discovery: 2490
Home Planet: Mulrala

The Pauagiwa

The Pauagiwa are a group of recently freed slave creatures whose over 100 year imprisonment by members of the human race has caused their development to be stunted, and their speech rather simple.
The Pauagiwa are a gentle race, with their arts focused on healing and rebuilding.
The Pauagiwa still live on Maraquda, the planet in which many of their race to this day remain in captivity and work, though more are freed by the day.

The enemies


the Vacus are a vile race.
They are almost like large bugs. Huge bugs, in fact, standing at about 5 feet tall, most of them with lots of tentakles.
Their intention towards the universe as a whole is unknown, but they are known to have enslaved several dozen races, driving many to extinction.
The vacus have also broken many treaties with the allies, though are now slowly on the retreat thanks to the hard work of the allies.
Home planet: unknown
Date of discovery: 2235


The droids are pure computer.
They are the evil under everyones bed.
They are simply computers with guns.
They have a strong hate for the human race, something which may have sprung from a simple misunderstanding.
It is known that the droids have enslaved one or two races, but they have also been enslaved themselves for a while.
Date of discovery: 2320
Home planet: Unknown


"Petty.", "thieving", "good for nothing", "conniving." these are all words used to describe the Kaltz-baurgan and indeed it is true.
They are not known for braveness, instead they attack at the point where an alliance is weakest and set a firm foot in the place.
Once planted in an area, however, they spread like wildfire and refuse to let go.
"If we can't have it, neither can you." Appears to be their motto.
The Kaltz-baurgan have never, to the best of the alliances knowledge, been enslaved or enslaved another race.
Date of Discovery: 2402
Home Planet: Unknown


The Embahi are the creatures everyone fears.
From low down Privates to high up Chiefs, no one wants to hear the dreaded words "Embahi fleet inbound."
They construct the best ships, the hardest-hitting weapons and are practically unstoppable.
They bring bloodshed and terror where ever they go.
Date of Discovery: 2456
home Planet: Unknown

Other races


For a long time, the Shalka were considered to be the Ryuchi's naughty little brother.
They were a sect of Ryuchi society that broke off in a civil war and swore to bring the Dragon race to their knees.
It was by pure chance, then, that in 2490 their home planet was discovered, though not necessarily given a name, and another smaller planet of theirs was put at risk.
This became such a heavy threat for them that in 2490 they surrendered to the allies and a tentative peace treaty is in the works.
Date of Discovery: 2250
Home Planet: Not known by name.


The Caitza are a race that is now considered to be extinct.
They were the first race that humanity encountered on their endeavours to get into space and the first race to suffer by the humans hands.
There was a long, nasty battle between the two races but humanity was eventually victorious.
Sightings of this race do pop up occasionally, though whether they are just ghost stories, small sects or an actual race fighting for survival? It is unknown.
Date of Discovery: 2200
Date of defeat: 2210
Home Planet: Originally Koroku