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What is PVP?

PVP, or player verses player, is where players are allowed to attack each other in an anarchy like fassion.
PVP is not very new person friendly.

On Cosmic Rage, do you have PVP?

In game, we have two seperate systems on PVP.
In character, PVP is not allowed.
If you attack someone in character you will be treated in character as a murderer.
This most likely will result in jailtime.
Out of character on the other hand is an entirely different theme.
By typing arena from any landing pad you will find yourself in what the hosts have named, the PVP castle.
The PVP castle is completely out of character and should no way be mentioned in character.

the aim of the PVP castle

The PVP castle is exactly that, a castle.
It is full of monsters which you must battle.
Upon entering a room, if you clear that room completely of mobs and other players you can lay claim to that room by typing claim.
If you have layed claim to all rooms in the PVP castle you can lay claim to the PVP castle itself!
Once you have laid claim to the castle, you can then going around and change the monsters configuration to suit you.
Defend your own in this absolutely amazing PVP arena!