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You are in the web view for viewing our Policies online in your browser. A policy is a set of rules on a particular topic layed out by the staff of the game which should be obeyed to ensure maximum smooth running efficiency of both information, enjoyment and the game itself.

the top ten rules of cosmic rage

The top ten rules of Cosmic Rage are ten, unbreakable, unnegotiable rules that every player, host, mouse, animal, robot, dragon, website or bott must obey when connecting to the game.
They can be viewed at any time by typing rules.
Cy-larken also have a crules command that is not included in this policy but that is just as important.
The output of the rules command follows:
1 Always respect the hosts.
2 Do not be racist, unkind or disrespectful to people and respect cultural differences and religions.
3 Do not try to hack the game in any way shape or form.
4 Try to be mature when younger people are around.
5 Do not use this moo as an advertisement center for other games
6 Do not abuse newbie players
7 report bugs, problems, loopholes or tracebacks
8 Keep in rp at all times [see the rp policy]
9 If you have been asked to stop doing something, either by a player or by hosts, then stop.
10 Do not sexually harass people.
Punishments, unless stated otherwise in other policies, for breaking these rules will start at class 1 and move up in severity from there.
Last policy update: Thursday, September 19th, 2019, at 01:44:11.
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