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You are in the web view for viewing our Policies online in your browser. A policy is a set of rules on a particular topic layed out by the staff of the game which should be obeyed to ensure maximum smooth running efficiency of both information, enjoyment and the game itself.

the descriptions policy

Descriptions are something we take very serious here on cosmic rage, something which is not seen as much in other MOOS.
There are three parts to this policy.
Part 1:
If you find something, be it an object, room, player owned or otherwise that has not been described and is available to the public you should submit a report about it immediately.
Example 1: You have walked into star command and found that despite popular belief, the display board there is undescribed.
Action: Report it.
Example 2: Someone has made their factory public, but there is an undescribed room in it.
Action: Report it.
Example 3: someone has made a factory, but it is private.
Action: ignore it.
If you report a description which is empty there is a potential for upto a massive 20 or 30 roleplay point reward!
Factories found to be public and undescribed will first be force closed.
They will then be fined if it continues.
Please take full advantage of our dhelp help file section, see section 3.
Part 2:
You as the player when creating items should keep in mind that they must be described if on public display.
Example 1: public factories must be described, otherwise they should be private.
Example 2: You have created a vending machine for yourself but its just for you. Don't worry about describing it unless you want to.
Factories found to be public and undescribed will be closed. Continually breaking this rule will result in harsher punishments.
You as the player should also remember the following:
1. If necessary, donator items must be described, such as pets, droids, ETC.
2. Special event items, such as christmas gift requests must be described.
Part 3:
We understand on cosmic rage that not everyone is an artist.
Not everyone is either fluent in english, or necessarily talented at describing, that is why we offer the dhelp help file section.
dhelp, or dHelp, stands for description help.
By typing dhelp you can see, and use, the example descriptions shown in that section.
We encourage players to also submit their own ideas via the suggest command for that section.
Each suggested description that is approved receives 50 roleplay points.

To summarise this policy, here on Cosmic Rage we do not like undescribed items, at all.
Last policy update: Thursday, September 19th, 2019, at 01:44:11.
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