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You are in the web view for viewing our Policies online in your browser. A policy is a set of rules on a particular topic layed out by the staff of the game which should be obeyed to ensure maximum smooth running efficiency of both information, enjoyment and the game itself.


The concept of respect is one that can be debated, and has been debated, for quite a while.
On Cosmic Rage we came up with these rules about respect which you must keep to:
Racism: Do not be racist to, or about, your fellow players.
Equality: Every player is equal on this game. Regardless of their class, ethnicity, cultural differences, religious views, political views, emotional sensativity or origins. Everyone is equal from the moment they log in, until the moment they leave.
Stop: think before you act, everything you do impacts on everyone else.
polite: Manners cost nothing , so display them to your fellow users.
Evocation: Do not intentionally try to provoke reactions out of people.
common: Display common courtesy when talking on public channels. Bare in mind not everyone is of age, and not everyone appreciates a singular topic. Use your common sense!
Temper: Everyone has a temper but out of respect for your fellow players, don't take it out on us.
Respect is that single quality everyone on the game must display.
In addition to these rules, the following have also been laid out regarding respect:
1. Do not copy your fellow players unless given permission. People take a lot of time making great designs for factories, great soundpacks for the game, great item ideas, ETC. As such, it is against this policy to copy, without permission, something that another player has made.
2. Do not force a person into a situation that they are uncomfortable. This includes roleplay. styles
3. Do not intentionally make someones experience of the game bad or difficult.
Punishments for breaking this policy will start at the class one punishments.
Hosts maintain the right to ban public channel usage for anyone not showing common decency to others
Last policy update: Thursday, September 19th, 2019, at 01:44:11.
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