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You are in the web view for viewing our Policies online in your browser. A policy is a set of rules on a particular topic layed out by the staff of the game which should be obeyed to ensure maximum smooth running efficiency of both information, enjoyment and the game itself.


Resetting is the way to get a fresh start with a brand new character on Cosmic Rage.
There are many reasons one might wish to reset. Depending on your situation, resetting may be a good idea, or a horrible idea.
This policy hopes to provide you with a better understanding of resetting and when it is ok to do so, or not as your case may be.
Cosmic Rage is a RolePlay encouraged MOO. When you create a character on cosmic Rage, you are entering a world of role play and adding your character's story to our universe by your actions and interactions with others.
The in-character relations you form, good or bad, help to weave intricate plot lines that develop into stories acted out by you and your fellow players.
When a player decides to reset, they are choosing to remove their character from the story. In most cases, this is fine. Your RP may simply have run it's course. You may have been absent from the MOO for so long that the game is so different, a fresh start is the only way to get yourself back into it. Or you may simply be tired of playing a human and wish to try out that ryuchi you have had your eyes on. These are all fine and valid reasons to reset.
In some situations however, resetting might not be such a good idea, especially when the removal of your character will have a drastic effect on the RP of others.
Some examples of this kind of situation may include, but are not limited to:
Resetting to avoid in-character prosecution of an IC crime you may have been accused of.
Resetting when you have recently applied or joined an organization.
Resetting when your character is involved in a major on-going plot line.
In each of these situations, the reset of a character will result in other people having to adapt their rp to your absence. This can be frustrating to the staff and players alike as they are left picking up the pieces of a shattered storyline where you were a significant part of the plot.
Therefore, Resetting to avoid in-character conflict of any sort is strictly forbidden. If anyone feels someone has done this, please open a support ticket explaining who you think reset, the new character's name, and what conflict you feel they were attempting to avoid. Punishment will be at the discretion of the host dealing with the situation, and may include warnings, point and cash deductions, or temporary bans and the addition of the policy breaker flag added to their account.
In addition to the RP considerations to resetting, there are also a couple of out of character things to consider before resetting.
1. You may not reset because you find yourself trapped or otherwise stuck. We offer the tech command for you to use in these situations. Resetting is not to be used as a way to get around bug reporting or tech requests.
2. If your character has donator items that you wish to keep, you are required to enter a support ticket identifying each item you wish to keep before you follow through with the reset. If you reset without letting us know that you want us to save your donator items, we assume that you did not want them. You will not be refunded or otherwise reimbursed for any losses as a result of non-compliance with this simple request. Our reasoning for this is simple and straight forward. Creation of donator items is a time consuming process. We do not mind taking this time to re-create your items, if we know ahead of time. We will budget our time accordingly.
After you reset:
1. You may not name your new character with a name you have used on any of your previous characters.
2. You may not select the same job role as your previous character. Job roles that were used by older alts may be acceptable. Meaning, you may not repeat the same job role from the player you just reset, but you may use an older one if you prefer.
You can abort the reset process, if you change your mind, by logging back into your reset character within 12 (twelve) hours of resetting. After this time, the reset becomes permanent and you must live with the choice you made.
In addition to any punishments deemed necessary by the staff, Any violations to this policy will result in the addition of the policy breaker flag to your account.

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