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You are in the web view for viewing our Policies online in your browser. A policy is a set of rules on a particular topic layed out by the staff of the game which should be obeyed to ensure maximum smooth running efficiency of both information, enjoyment and the game itself.


Policy Brief:
Our anti-harassment policy expresses the commitment of the staff and the players to create and maintain a game that is safe from harassment, so our players can feel welcome and happy. We will not tolerate anyone intimidating, humiliating or stalking anyone else on our game. We also prohibit wilful discrimination based on age, sexual orientation, ethnicity, racial, religion or disability.
What do we consider harassment?
Harassment includes bullying, intimidation, direct insults, malicious gossip, victimization, stalking, gender targeting and malicious actions. We can not create an exhaustive list, but consider the following five examples of things we will not stand for:
1. Engaging in frequent or unwanted advances of any nature.
2. Gender targeting, such as identifying members of the game of a specific gender and then targeting them with contact requests including links, emotional manipulation or emotive behavioural treatment.
3. Commenting derogatorily on a person’s ethnic heritage or religious beliefs.
4. Starting or spreading rumours about a person’s personal life.
5. Ridiculing others publicly with intent to shame them or cause emotional distress.
Sexual harassment is illegal and any reports we receive shall be very seriously investigated. If a member of staff or player is found to be guilty of sexual harassment, their access to the game will be permanently withdrawn with a permanent ban.
What to do if you witness or are a victim of harassment:
If you’re being harassed, or you think you witness harassment, you can choose to talk to any of these people:
Offenders. If you suspect that an offender doesn’t realize they are guilty of harassment, you could talk to them directly in an effort to resolve the issue. This tactic is appropriate for cases of minor harassment (e.g. inappropriate jokes between friends.) You may also consider using your ignore command as a first line of defence.
The hosts: Harassment is an extremely serious matter and we'd like to be informed as soon as possible so that we can deal with it. You should use the report command to enter a harassment report as soon as you can, giving us the best chance of stopping it before it gets out of hand.
The HTPL team: If you have had bad, damaging or otherwise unhappy results when approaching staff of other games, we understand it can be difficult to blindly trust that this game is any different. Our HTPL team is able to form a secondary line of communication to the hosts, handling the request so that you can stay anonymous if you wish. The HTPL team can also be approached if you are unsure if what you are experiencing counts as harassment, though we'd recommend you reach out to the hosts as well anyway.
The out of game mailbox: If your concern is with one of the staff in particular, you can also submit your report via the out of game mailbox by sending an email to support@nathantech.net. This mailbox is managed only by the head administrator.
Disciplinary Consequences:
Punishment for harassment may vary based on the severity of the action, however it is important that you understand just how seriously the staff take this topic.
If you are found guilty of sexual harassment, you will not be allowed back onto the game, your ban will be permanent.
If you are found guilty of severe or serious harassment, you will be banned. We have a zero tolerance state for those who harass, and we want everyone to feel safe on our game.

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