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You are in the web view for viewing our Policies online in your browser. A policy is a set of rules on a particular topic layed out by the staff of the game which should be obeyed to ensure maximum smooth running efficiency of both information, enjoyment and the game itself.

Roleplay, OOC, and IC

What is roleplay or rp?
RP is when people set aside their normal life and take on the role of their character.
Roleplay is enforced on Cosmic Rage in the following circumstances:
1. In all public places you will roleplay.
A public place is defined as any planet, space station, and non-private factory that is accessible to most of the player base without any special permitions such as door keys, biometric scanners, security droids, or passcoders. Ships and vehicles are private property though they become public as soon as they are used for an in character roleplay situation such as a mission or invasion with other players.
2. In all rp events you will rp at all times.
The only time you do not have to roleplay is if you are in private with friends who agree with you and that is it.
Punishment for breaking roleplay may very depending on the situation in which it occurs and is to be determined by the host in charge.
RP is not an opportunity for you to bring out of game problems in game. Leave the grudge matches out of Cosmic Rage.

Additional notes:
1. You must not roleplay two characters the same way. For example, if you choose to rp a nightmare character as a criminal and he dies, your next character must not be a criminal.
2. If performing acts considered strange, you should seek host approval first. An example of this would be, if your character is from a lost world, or was born in space and has not gone to the Academy, always get a profile approved first before doing these lines of roleplay, just in case!
3. You must not ask someone to introduce themselves, through the intro command, on any out of character channel. Doing so will result in you being made such that your character knows nobody, and is recognised by nobody.

What is in character and what is out of character?
To put it simply, in character is roleplay. Anything that happens on the in character channel such as, chat, general, intel, missions, or anything that takes place on planets, space stations, celestial bodies, through the say command or through emoting is considered as in character.
The rooc, music, rp, ooc, newbie, socials and soundpacks channels are all considered ooc.

How to handle IC or OOC breakages.
1. Ignore it. More often than not, a host has seen it and is dealing with it back stage.
2. Report it, if in doubt, report is your friend.
If someone is talking IC on an OOC channel other than newbie, it is best to just gently nudge them or report it straight away.
For things of an IC matter, such as where can I find x, or who sells x, if asked on an OOC channel, the hosts will take firm action against the offender. Newbie is the one exception to this rule.
nothing annoys a new player more than being told, ask Ic, ask Ic, ask Ic all the time and thus we will not tolerate it on cosmic Rage.
If an IC question, such as, where do I find x, is asked on the Newbie channel, you should:
1. Answer the question in a polite and well-structured manner.
2. Give detailed and understandable explanations.
3. Advise the newbie on how the question could have been asked on an IC channel.
Newbie, "How do I find the hunting store?"
Helper, "You may find a hunting store on several planets like Navu as an example, though you may ask this sort of question on chat or through roleplay as well."
If, and only if, the newbie continues to be blatently ooc, then you should report them to the hosts for further investigation.
We will not tolerate rudeness or people being impolite to our newbies, and the phrase "Ask IC" should not be transmitted on the newbie channel when not accompanied by a good constructive answer. If you can't be polite, turn the channel off, simple as that.
For reference, the following additional actions are not allowed:
1. In-depth out of character planning on roleplay. Using out of character methods to plan or otherwise further roleplay is prohibitted. This includes making jokes that are related to things taking place on IC channels, asking someone for something before you roleplay it out, or using the out of character channels to add additional context.
2. Using room OOC to express what your character is thinking.
Cosmic Rage's staff will take firm and swift action to minimise all actions that would otherwise cause the integrity of roleplay to be broken and strive to make the game a very enjoyable world to submerge yourself into.
3. Refer to technology regressions: this is where, often for game balance, a system is changed and becomes less dominating, for instance, a missile that previously struck accurately now only strikes once in every two shots. These changes are OOC and made for game balance. From an IC perspective, they were always like this.
As a rough guide, if a change is mentioned either IC by a host character, or is noted in the news in some way, then you can refer to it. Otherwise, assume it is OOC unless otherwise stated!
4. Use IC facilities to bash the hosts. If you have a problem you are welcome to bring it to us through any of the many feedback options we have. "But It's IC!" will not be accepted as an excuse for host bashing.
5. Avoid We are the only pilots. This is a situation where the wider perspective is lost because you didn't immediately see it. Much as we would love to, it is impossible to create a game that contains every single dynamic from the real world so you have to infer certain things. We'll do our best to help you, but for example: Assuming players are the only pilots in the entire galaxy is an example of the "we're alone" idea that we'd like to try and avoid. Piloting in 2494 is a bit like being one of a lorry driver, aircraft pilot or train driver in our modern day.
6. Don't force people into situations they are not happy with. Avoid force RP at all costs. We are the directors of our own films. Your emotes and actions on the game, through both IC and OOC means should not dictate the way another player acts, reacts or reroles a scene in any way.
Notes on punishment:
As roleplay breaches can sometimes be minor, the hosts have taken the added step of enforcing the following punishment system for IC to OOC and OOC to IC problems:
1. First breach: An informal warning.
2. A ban of up to half an hour from the appropriate medium (either IC or OOC channels, depending on the situation.)
3. A ban of up to an hour from the appropriate medium (either IC or OOC channels, depending on the situation.)
4. A ban of up to 24 hours from the appropriate medium (either IC or OOC channels, depending on the situation.)
5. At this stage, punishments from the bans and punishments policy will be brought into effect.
Conflict Roleplay:
In situations where conflict roleplay occurs, defined as any roleplay that would result in negative connotations towards or about a character or group of characters, the initiators of the roleplay must make it clear to all those taking part of a way in which the Roleplay can be concluded, I.E, within 48 hours of the conflict roleplay beginning, it must be visible to those both in and out of it, where appropriate, the steps that can be taken to end it.
Continuous and unresolveable conflict RP, or in situations where one side has refused to change their stance based off of actions taken by the other will be classified as unresolved provocation and treated as bullying under the code of conduct policy.

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