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You are in the web view for viewing our Policies online in your browser. A policy is a set of rules on a particular topic layed out by the staff of the game which should be obeyed to ensure maximum smooth running efficiency of both information, enjoyment and the game itself.

Bans And Punishments

"When we label anyone 'bad', we will have more trouble dealing with him than if we could have settled for a lesser label."
( William Glasser)

The following punishments are divided into class.
Unless stated otherwise, policies will start at class 1, and go down the list.
If an offense states that it starts at a different class, then any classes above the one specified in the document will be skipped.
Class 1, minor offenses
Informal warning and or notice from the administrators.
First warning. Also comes with a deduction of 10 percent of your ranks and cash.
Second Warning. Also comes with a deduction of 20 percent of your ranks and cash.
Third warning, and formal chat in a conference room to discuss your actions. Also comes with a deduction of 50 percent of your ranks and cash.
Class 2, major offenses
A temporary 6 hour ban
A temporary 24 hour ban
A temporary 7 day ban
Class 3, ultimate offenses
A 14 day ban
A 28 day ban
A ban of up to 3 months
A ban of up to 6 months
Complete banning from the moo along with character purging.
You may appeal each one of these punishments, once.
Appealing must be done either via an email to support@nathantech.net or through the @appeal command. Appeals should be done within the first 7 days of the punishment being issued.
The appealing process follows these steps:
1. your email is received and read. you will receive a confirmation of us doing this via email.
2. Your case is located in your records, and the hosts who handled it are identified.
3. Hosts who did not handle it are then called together to discuss the case, and the actions taken there in.
4. A decision is made as to whether the actions stand or are to be modified.
5. Any further action is taken that includes:
*modification of punishment.
*investigation of internal assessment factors I.E, what was used as evidence in this punishment.
6. Final actions are taken, and you are notified by email of the conclusion.
Reduction of warnings:
After a year of a warning being placed on your account, you may apply for it to be removed.
You should apply through the support command, under category five.
Your appeal will be spoken of at the next host meeting, and a decision on this factor given to you shortly after.
Should the answer be positive, the warning in question will be removed from your account and record of it deleted.
Important note: Warnings given for harassment are excluded and will never be removed.
Additional uncategorised punishments:
In addition to the steps above, hosts may set what is called the policy breaker flag on a character. If your character has the policy breaker flag set it will appear as such in your account statistics on the login screen.
When your character has this flag, any benefits gained from nightmare and hardcore will be nullified and you will find that you will only receive a third of the points and cash payout you otherwise would.
At any time as a player of cosmic Rage you are within your rites to request a description of any bans or punishments records we hold on your account.
This is useful, for instance, if you have a warning and have forgotten what it is.
To do this, simply enter a support ticket and we will be in touch soon after!

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