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world help: Temreth

Temreth is a troubled planet.
She is Earth-like in many ways, though with a little more wildlife.
she was first discovered in the late 22nd century, before the laws on primitive races were established.
A set of explorers, who were funded by a big industrial company of the time, set up a city on the mountain,.
the original inhabitants of the planet, primitive humans who were at around the bronze age stage of development, did not have technology yet.
As such, setting themselves in a city above the mountains put them in a position to be like gods. for a while, indeed, it worked. The medieval people willingly helped. But then came greed.
When you strip everything else away, humans can be very nasty sometimes and so it was in the middle of the 22nd century that the humans turned nasty.
First the Medieval people asked for help. The settlers took offense, and waged war against the people. Many died. Many thousands in fact, but one city remained.
they surrendered, and became slaves to the industrialists.
When the star disaster came in the 25th century, contact with the planet was lost. Many believed the planet itself was lost, and good riddence they said.
It was a political landmine and no politician wanted to take on the burden.
It was not to be. the legend of Temreth remained. When space exploration opened up in the late 2480's to early 2490's, people began to wonder whether she was still there.
A lot of the data, regarding exact positioning, was lost. A brave few set out on a conquest mission, a quest to discover the lost civilisation of Temreth.
As is the way with Deep Space, they were not heard of for over 3 months, indeed, the crew were all but forgotten about and yet they made success.
They found Temreth.
They decided, like their ancestors, to set up a city. A third city, but not a Medieval one, not a mountain one.
This one would be self-sufficient, kind and caring. This would be the city of glass.
the explorers numbered only few, but over the course of a month, they managed to import sands and rocks from nearby fields, building their own little claim to history.
AS you can imagine, the mountain-top city was not impressed. they threatened war upon the glass city. the glass city threatened war right back.
They set up agreements with the Medieval city and created an alliance. the Medieval city would send riders to help patrol the outer reaches of the glass cities boundaries, which they would help with, and the glass city would provide them with food and water if there were drouts or famin.
The mountain top city were not happy, but what could they do? they had not the man power to destroy both cities at once.
That is how it was found, 3 months later, when the Exploration Craft Sigma 5 was attacked by Embahi spheres, managing to get a signal through to the SDL mere minutes before it was lost.
On February 25th, 2491, Temreth was officially reclaimed from behind what was believed to be an Embahi blockade and folded back into the alliance, the furthest planet out from the core yet.
the three cities remain even to this day, their conflict at a tentative pause while each side decide what to do next.
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