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world help: Estrana

Estrana was first discovered by explorers in 2440, but after many scans and dangerous landing attempts, it was believed uninhabitable due to its small water supply and numerous steep mountains and valleys. The planet was marked on a map for the SDF and a few highly regarded explorers, but aside from that few knew of its existence.

As time passed, the SDF realized that while dangerous and difficult to work with, the mountains of Estrana could be hiding many valuable resources. Therefore in 2485, a few officers and trusted individuals were given clearance to take down small craft and begin work on locating or creating a suitable landing pad.

It took a good amount of time and effort, but eventually the work was successful and larger military ships began traveling to Estrana. Basic facilities were built, and much scouting was done on the surrounding area. It did not take long to discover that the planet's mountainous landscape also hid many caves, some of which showed evidence of previous, likely extinct, life on Estrana.

Over the next couple of years more work was done and a few highly skilled merchants were even allowed to scout out the area. Finally, in early 2491, the SDF declared Estrana generally safe for civilian visitation. While most of the planet is still unreachable and what is available is mostly industrial, A few surprises await the determined explorer and there is much scenery to be seen.
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