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rp help: the say command

The say command is one of the easiest ways of communicating on the game.
To use it, simply type say and then what you wish to say.
You can also customise this a bit.
By using %n, you can change where the phrase: "says" appears.
For example:
say hi how are you? %n
Would produce:
"Hi how are you?" Kayla asks.
You can also customise how your character says something:
1. By putting a question mark at the end, your character will ask.
2. By putting an exclamation mark, your character will exclaim.
3. By putting three periods, your character will either ponder, muse, or trail off while speaking.
4. If you put three exclamation marks, your character will shriek.
5. If you put a less than sign at the end, your character will murmur.
6. If you put a greater than sign at the end of your message, your character will deadpan.
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