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rp help: piped emotes

Piped emotes are emotes that silently perform actions in the background that would otherwise disrupt the flow of the story.
For example, if you emote sitting down on a chair, and then type sit chair, people see the messages twice, and it is all rather disruptive and clunky.
To that end, you do what is called piped emoting.
You perform a piped emote by writing your emote, then at the end putting a vertical bar, "|" and then the command to perform, for example:
emote sits down on $chair | sit chair.
The commands available in piped emotes are listed below:
stand: makes your character stand up.
mood : Sets a mood for your character. Moods are short descriptions that show up next to your name in a room and are a great way to tell new arrivals what is going on, such as where your character is standing, his or her state of being, or his or her facial expression.
mood clear: Clears the mood you have set.
sit : Sits down on that object.
sit : sits your player on the floor but sets a custom string.
lie : same as sit but laying down.
lie : same as sit custom string, but with laying down.
curl or or : same as sit but curled up.
curl or or : same as lie but for curl.
eat : eat some food
drink : Drink some drink.
give to : Give an object to a player.
lead : Lead a person.
throw : Throw an object into the air for people to catch.
buy : Buy something from a shop.
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