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rp help: emoting on an IC channel

The first thing to remember when performing actions on in character channels is that the channel is audio only.
this means the people will not be able to see you performing actions like rolling your eyes, smiling, or picking things up.
That being said, emoting on an in character channel is a great way to turn boring text into really fun text.
To emote on an in character channel, surround your emote with stars, and put it at the beginning of your message.
Here is an example:
chat *in a cheery voice* hello, everyone!
People see:
[Chat] Kayla Maryanne in a cheery voice: Hello, everyone!
There are many things you can do with this, from the simple, like laughter, to the more complicated, like the sounds of something else going on in the background.
If you don't want to mess up, there is a command called testcomm, spelled with a double m, that will allow you to try things out without everyone else seeing it.
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