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moon help: terraforming

Terraforming is the act of reshaping and restructuring a place in order to make it better.
In moon base building, you want to capture a moon and make it your own.
First things first, make sure you have the terraforming upgrade.
Head out and find a moon in the normal way, and tractor beam it.
Take it to wear you want your moon to be placed.
You can not move it after terraforming, so make sure you are happy!
In the event you need a moon moved sectors, head down to a beacon station, and type moon-sector, this can be quite pricey and is not recommended. As you can not tractor your moon after terraforming, you can not harvest from it either, so it is recommended you do all of that first.
When you are ready, type terraform.
there are 3 stages to terraforming:
1. The scanning. the computer does this automatically, so just sit tight.
2. The life. Most moons have some kind of primitive life on them. We don't know where these primitives came from, and frankly we don't care. Or at least, the SDF doesn't. Enough of an environmental stink was kicked up however, that the computer will offer you a choice:
A. Kill them. this uses your moon drones to kill the apes. If you choose to do this, it is possible that you might land at some point and get busted, in which case you will be fined. It's possible you might never be found out, but at the same time, it is also possible you'll get found out at the worse possible time.
B. Capture them. The SDF have set up some rehoming facilities for these apes, and if you capture them, it is far cheaper when you land as you will be charged for the moving process but not have to deal with fines, or a stain on your soul for murder and being a bad, bad person.
Which ever method you choose, it's done by your moon drones.
Note: Your first attempt at terraforming may not work! Apes are not known for their gentleness, especially towards invading moon drones!
3. Surface restructuring. You need to make sure you flatten out the moon as it has a lot of craters from previous asteroid hits and such. The moon drones will help by cutting up chunks of rocks into several tons of rock waist. It is your job, when prompted, to direct these chunks to the left and right of the moon.
If you put too much on one side, the moon will list and could cause major damage to your ship!
The key to this is keeping track of how much is on each side, and keeping them as close to equal as possible.
Once you have completed this, your work is done!
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