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moon help: getting started

After you have read the backstory, you may be wondering, ok, ok, how do I get this thing up and running.
First things first, have a read of mHelp goals, just so you know the basic context of what we're talking about.
This file will talk you through the stages of how to set up your moon such that you have a few buildings built and know what you are doing.
Note: This help file may refer you to others. Do not continue reading this file, or attempt to do the activity steps shown here, until you have read said files.
So, let's get started!
1. Grab a ship, preferably one you own. It doesn't matter what make.
2. Upgrade it with the terraforming, moon drone and moon gear upgrades.
3. Head out and find a moon.
4. Terraform it. For this, read mHelp terraforming.
5. You'll want to now build yourself, or ask someone to build you the following items:
a. 5 or more atmosphere generators. This will allow you to breathe without a spacesuit on your planet and allow more than 10 citizens to live there, more on that later.
b. A moon base. this is your base of operations, you may want to move it later.
6. Head down to the surface of your moon, make sure you are wearing an oxygenated spacesuit, and walk out. Drop your base on the ground, and set it up. Type setup for this.
7. While you're here, you might as well set up those atmosphere generators. type use to launch them into the sky. You'll want at least 5, but can have up to 10.
8. Enter the base, and type register. If you already own a moon, you can skip the next step.
9. Enter a name for your organisation. You can only do this once!
10. Familiarise yourself with how your moon currently looks.
Great! You've set up your moon, and are now ready to begin work!
At this point, let's take a 5 minute rest break, to grab some coffee, and read the following files:
mHelp citizens,
mHelp the base,
mHelp buildings.
By reading those, you know why you need citizens, what each building is, and what your base is about.
Lets get started with stage 2:
1. Get a loan. Your first batch of citizens are obtained by recruitment, and the only way you'll do this is by having money in the bank. Your credits, after upgrades, are useless in moon base building. It's all up to you to create a stable environment. the only time your real money will come into it, is if your moon runs out of cash, then you, yourself, will be charged at a rate of 5 moon credits to every normal credit. In short, don't run out of cash!
Anyway, we've digressed somewhat. So, get a loan with the loan command in your base. Get the maximum, it will come in handy later on.
2. Type recruit. This will start the recruitment process. This can take quite a while, so you may want to work on decorations in the mean time, i.e, familiarise yourself with mHelp decorations.
3. When you have 10 citizens, it's time to start building!
From this point onward, how you do these steps is completely your own choice. This is how I did it in testing, but that in no way means this is a winning formula.
1. Build a couple houses. As new moons are under 2 week protection, see mHelp bubbles, I didn't worry about combat for now.
2. Build farms, we want twice as many farms as houses, so we want quite a few of these.
3. For safety, I now built shelters. When attacks happen, I'd rather not lose all my people, so I built up shelters now to facilitate their safety.
4. That took a lot of time and effort, not to mention sucked up a lot of my resources. At this point, I wanted to start making the bucks in tasks so I built me a couple export and import factories.
5. I stopped here, wanting to see how well this would work in terms of balance and found, surprisingly, it worked out quite well.
6. towards the end of my bubble I then decided to build some defense factories. I wasn't very interested in attacking other people, but then at this point there would not be the clay rush, see mHelp clay, so that might have been part of it.
7. this changed however, because after the bubble faded, I got attacked by pirates! This made me angry, and I attacked back. And lost. Needless to say I don't have a moon, so anger is not the key.
Which ever way you choose to build, and defend and run your moon, one thing without a doubt is this is one of the most complex activities you'll find.
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