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moon help: clay

Clay is the second resource required when building buildings.
There are two ways to obtain clay:
1. Attacks, attacking other players, or AI moons, will rob them of clay.
2. Clay pits. In cities there are clay pits.
To harvest this clay you must:
1. buy a moon truck.
2. head to the clay pit.
3. Shovel the clay.
You can then either:
1. Process it, and transfer it for a small amount of cash, bricks and points or,
2. Leave it in your cargo bay for use in the moon base building activity. Or...,
3. unload it onto your moon.
shovel: shovel clay
cargo: view your cargo
unjam: unjam your equipment
transfer: transfer the goods
process: process your clay
Unload : On your moon, use this to unload clay onto the moon's storage.
Note: there is only a preset amount of clay in each pit. Clay pits do not refresh very often!
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